I Know Who I Am

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This prayer, from Creative Thought magazine, conveys the belief system underlying Science of Mind. It has a lot in common with the Hindu belief system. Thomas Troward was a major influence on Ernest Holmes and Troward lived in India and studied many world religions, as did Holmes.

The prayers in the magazines always include a quotation. Joel Goldsmith was not a Religious Scientist, he was a Christian Scientist, but he believed the same things and was a powerful healer. He is one of my favorite teachers.

My Religious Science affirmative prayer practice has many similarities with the auto-suggestions used in hypnosis, but I believe there is more to it than simply reprogramming the subconscious. However, I also know that many people use the principles (Laws) without realizing it. Whether we believe it or not, whether we are aware of it or not, it works…just like gravity.

I hope you can believe this is true. It really works if you can believe it.
The truth is that God is the mind and life of the individual. God is the only “I.”
–Joel Goldsmith, The Infinite Way

The One Consciousness that I call God, Infinite Spirit, brought forth out of Itself all that is called this Universe. As part of the Universe, I am the One Spirit expressing Itself as my true self. As the deepest level of being, I know who and what I am.

The I Am that I am was not born, and as such, cannot die. It cannot be diseased or suffer lack, loss, or conflict. It cannot experience separation. These are nonentities, shadows of a mistaken use of my mind. Now realizing my true identity as who and what I am, any sense of separate self and its effects disappear. They have no substance, and no longer are there beliefs to animate these misconceptions. My body, my mind, my emotions, my relationships, my finances, and my work expression are all revealing the Consciousness of God knowing itself as me.

Knowing myself as I am known allows unlimited love to be revealed in and as my life. I am grateful this is so.

Dr. Nancy Anderson, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
Creative Thought Magazine, March 2012

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