I Express Joyful Living

This affirmative prayer from Creative Thought Magazine for December 19 is one of my favorites and I thought you would like it too.   It was written by Practitioner, Sandy Gohlke, R.SC.P, Chico, CA

When you can get your mind to wholly agree with this, your life will be transformed into the perfection it was meant to express.  I can attest to that from personal experience.   Namaste

I Express Joyful Living

God, the loving Presence within, supports me in the highest and best always.In oneness with Spirit, I treat myself compassionately.As joy, I experience the perfect gift of life.

Infinite Intelligence within me guides me to become clear and empowered in creating the changes I desire.Spirit expresses Itself through me as freedom to be authentic with my true Self.I am grateful there is no power supporting limitation.I am willing to look honestly at my beliefs and confidently know that change responds to my consciousness.I practice seeing myself and the world through the lens of perfection.While I aspire to know and understand more, I trust I am never alone and know the love of Spirit responds to my every call.The grace of God is a blessing, giving itself freely to me as I listen.I do so now and allow myself to grow consciously in the direction of good.

In gratitude I live my life in joy.I surrender this Truth to the Law of Mind where It is absolutely so.And so it is.

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