I Choose Peace and Happiness

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Affirmative Prayer for ACIM Lesson 73  I will there be light

There is only One Power, Divine Love and Light, All Powerful, All Knowing and Everywhere Present.

I am one with the Power and Presence of God.  My mind is one with God’s mind.  I behold the light that reflects God’s Will and mine.

The ego’s idle wishes have been withdrawn.
The light that shines upon this world reflects my will.
My picture of the world mirrors what is within.
The source of neither light nor darkness can be found without.
Forgiveness lifts the darkness, reasserts my will, and lets me look upon a world of light.

Peace and happiness is what I really want. This is my will in truth.
I have succeed because I remember that I want peace and happiness for myself.
I have accepted God’s plan because I share in it.

I have the freedom to remember Who I really am.
The ego stands powerless before my will.
I live today in happy confidence.
My will is God’s will.

With deep gratitude and joy, I choose Heaven.  And so it is.

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