How To Love and Approve of Yourself

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This video clip arrived in my inbox yesterday as part of a promotional email.  It was fun to see Louise teaching this lesson on mirror work again.  It was the foundation of her work and has helped so many people.

It’s always so interesting to revisit personal growth lessons because you notice things you didn’t notice before.  In this case, I didn’t remember the part about the value of the negative opinions that surface in revealing the beliefs that are holding you back.

As a Religious Science Practitioner, I help clients recognize the beliefs that are holding them back and show them how to flip them to the positive, which is the spiritual truth about them.  These statements can be used as affirmations and, of course are the basis for the spiritual mind treatment (affirmative prayer) that I do with them.

Here’s an exercise for you.

  1. Do Louise’s the mirror work exercise
  2. Write down the negative thoughts that come to your mind
  3. Rewrite each negative statement as a positive statement
  4. Accept that this is the truth about you because you are an expression of the All Good/Divine Love/God
  5. Use the positive statements as affirmations
  6. Enjoy the results!



Sharing is caring!

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