How to Live a Long and Healthy Life

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Photo of Mardi Lynn and her granddaughter

Did you enjoy the interview with Tony Robbins about his new book, Life Force: How New Breakthroughs in Precision Medicine Can Transform the Quality of Your Life & Those You Love?

As a former Computer Tutor, I loved his description of his first cell phone and how fast technology is changing medical care for the better. Just for fun, I looked it up and I found this Motorola promotional video from 1980. What a hoot! 

The original cell phones were nine inches long, weighed two pounds and cost $4,000, that would be about $10,000 in today’s dollars. And you had to charge it for 10 hours so you could get 30 minutes of talk time. 

Now there are Apple phones that you can get for free with a contract, and they have more power than the Apollo mission to the moon! Technology keeps doubling in power every 18 months and halving its cost.

Radical change like this can be daunting. I used to teach my computer tutoring clients that these changes are inevitable and, in order to be at peace with them, we have to accept the facts and just do our best to keep up with the changes.

However, we don’t have to embrace every bell and whistle that gets produced. The important consideration is to make our choices based on reason and confidence, rather than on fear and feeling powerless. Decisions made in fear are usually not good decisions.

This is true of life in general. Most of the problems in our lives are caused by fear and lack of confidence. The primitive part of our brains that is designed to protect us, interprets change as risky and dangerous. As DreamBuilders, we learn how to manage our thinking so fear takes a back seat and our confidence skyrockets.

Life is continually evolving, expanding and growing and we are supposed to grow and expand too. Mary Morrissey calls if “the pull to the more.”  You are fully equipped. You may just need some practice using the tools, like noticing what you are thinking, choosing a better-feeling thought, focusing on a clear vision and listening for the guidance of “that still small voice.”

Likewise, your body has a Life force within it that knows what to do to stay healthy and vibrant. It just needs tending, like a garden. Given the basic natural elements of fresh air, sunshine, whole foods, pure water, exercise, adequate rest and lack of interference from threats, it will thrive.

I have always lived by these principles and it has served me very well. I will be 77 in July and I don’t have any medical conditions or take any medications. AND, at the same time, I am so very grateful for the advanced medical technology that provided me with a hip replacement in October of 2015 (probably the result of a birth defect). Our good can come to us in so many ways when we are open and receptive to the new. 

I must admit, it took a lot of pain, before I became receptive enough. LOL  A part of me was very afraid. I relied on positive thinking and my Higher Power. The Doctor said it was very unusual for a person my age (70 at that time) to be in such good health. That would ensure a successful outcome and make his job much easier and less stressful. Everything went perfectly and I healed up very quickly. 

I would love for you to live as long as possible and be as healthy and energetic as possible. I hope this inspires you and gives you the motivation and confidence to take great care of yourself.

Here’s to living a long, healthy, vibrant life!


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