A “How-to” to Create Happy Relationships that May Surprise You

image of a senior couple walking on the beach and looking at each other with love. This represents our ability to create happy relationships.

Here is a “How-to” to Create Happy Relationships that May Surprise and Delight you.

A Surprise

Do you have high expectations of people in your relationships like I used to?

If so, you may be surprised to learn that the best way to create happy relationships is to MAKE YOURSELF HAPPY!

Yes! Because, when you make yourself happy, you won’t need to make demands in your relationships.

When we have expectations for other people, we are being driven by our longing and discontent to try to fix their lives or control them so we can be happy. That doesn’t work!

Make YOURSELF happy. When you are happy and living well, many people will want to be with you.

What Would You Love?


You want someone to be with you because they want to be with you. Right? That’s a beautiful thing.

If they are staying with you because of neediness, fear or being controlled, the relationship will not create happiness for either of you. 

If you create expectations and try to enforce them, you will make your life unhappy and everybody’s else’s life unhappy as well. So let’s not do that.

Shine Your Unique, Bright Light

Go for YOUR dreams and make YOURSELF happy. Your unique, bright light will shine and you will attract the right relationships for maximum happiness. And you will make the world a brighter, happier place as well.

May you make yourself happy, create happy relationships and a happier world!

Believing in you and your dreams,

sunflowerMardi  Lynn

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