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What Kind of Results Can YOU Expect From the DreamBuilder® Program?

People who complete the DreamBuilder® Program

tell us that they experience:

  • A feeling of incredible pride for taking advantage of an opportunity to achieve their dreams

  • Increased financial abundance, as well as an ever-increasing flow of income, enabling them to do what they want to do, have what they want to have and, most importantly, give what they truly want to give

  • Increased time freedom — feeling more empowered to say “YES” to family events, weekends away and being FULLY PRESENT with their loved ones
  • Freedom to travel to the places they’ve only dreamed about before – purposefully taking time to relax, reflect and ponder, and re­turning home with a fresh outlook, new zeal and stronger deter­mination

  • Writing a book – finally finding inspiration to share their messages with the world, leading to increased exposure, learning new skills and raising their self-esteem

  • Starting and building impactful, lucrative businesses they’re passionate about that allow them to create the lifestyles of their choice
  • Dedicating time and money to social causes they believe in, uplevelling their commitment and impact in the world and making an even bigger difference

  • Greater vocational success and satisfaction – increased meaning, fulfillment and FUN at work or in their businesses
  • Closer, more loving relationships – finding the love of their lives, or elevating their current relationships to a higher frequency, resulting in deeper, closer, more supportive partnerships with increased fun and connection

  • Greater energy and vitality – making better decisions and feeling more empowered to impact their health and well-being, allowing them to do more of what they'd love to be doing!

Ultimately, people who apply the principles of the program

experience peace of mind.

You can too… starting today.

As soon as you enroll, you’ll have immediate access to the first module

and you'll embark on an incredible, 12-week guided journey toward your dream life.

In a few days, you'll receive your DreamBuilder® Kit - a beautiful boxed set of 16 CDs

with audio recordings of all the lessons, 3 powerful audio meditations and a Student Workbook

What’s Included in the DreamBuilder® Program?

Audio Recordings

A one-hour, powerful and engaging audio lesson, each with a different key that will help you move closer toward your dreams

Guided Meditations

Guided meditations related to the lessons to immediately shift your vibrational attunement.

Weekly Coaching Calls

A weekly 1 hour on-on-one or group coaching call with Mardi

The student Guide Book has powerful exercises for applying each lessons to your life and documenting your progress.

An Exclusive Day Planner with special pages designed by Mardi for enhancing your DreamBuilding process and keeping you on track with your vision.

A private online community of fellow Dream Builders to post questions, get quick answers from Mardi and their peers, and to share and celebrate wins.

It's So Simple

An easy-to-follow, step-by-step system with Coach Mardi to guide you on your journey

to transforming all your dreams into real life.

Your dreams can become your reality faster and with greater ease than you ever imagined!

Book A Complimentary

Strategy Session

With Mardi Lynn

  1. We'll get clear on where you are now
  2. Where you'd love to be and
  3. The next most important step to move you forward to a life you absolutely love