Coming From Your Heart Vs Your Emotions

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From an email newsletter from Rev. Christian Sorensen at Seaside Center For Spritual Living

Such an important distinction.

     When you say you are coming from your heart or that something just doesn’t feel right, check to make sure you’re not actually coming from your emotions. Emotions are generally responses to external stimuli. What you are feeling is what that external stimulus has triggered within you. What gets activated is usually a deep or old pain or experience around which you created some definite beliefs about the world and other people.

     Coming from your heart is coming from your centered, compassionate, still, and healing place. Your heart is the electromagnetic center of your whole physical being as well as the primary energy center through which you engage with the infinite universal energy. Coming from your heart always feels expansive, never constricted. It seems like it’s moving toward love, never away from it. It’s about being open to life and not shutting down or closing off.

Reflection: Can you sense and feel the difference between coming from your heart and from your emotions? Where are you usually coming from?

Affirmation: I am centered in my heart. I move into life from my open and loving heart center.

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