Happy New Year!

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Joyous Living JournalMy adaptation of an inspiration from two wonderful spiritual teachers. I adapted it for myself to use as my thought for the New Year.  Enjoy!

“This past year, we have done good and given love. We have accomplished, created, and enjoyed things. Now is the time to find every ounce of good, and praise it and not take anything into the New Year that doesn’t serve our highest good and our ability to give our gift as a blessing to the world.

This last day of the year, we have come to the “great exhale” at the end! Now is the time to release anything we do not choose to carry with us into this next year. We release resentments, unforgiveness, grudges, and judgments. We release smallness, fear, uncertainty, and worry. We release our worries over things that didn’t work out and our embarrassment over times we were unconscious. We release it all with a great exhale!

Reflection: What have we learned, experienced, discovered, and explored this past year? What are we exhaling and releasing?

Affirmation: I burn away the past in the fire of forgiveness and release. I exhale fear, doubt, resentment, shame, and blame. I move into the new year free and unencumbered.”


Sharing is caring!

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