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Staying connected to God’s guidance all day creates amazing manifestations of good.

Today I am going focus on staying connected and guided in every moment.   I’m going to start putting stars on my wall calendar for the days I stay in that consciousness.  “That on which you focus expands.”

Today I feel so full of Gratitude! I wrote a gratitude list.  What fun!  “That on which you focus expands.”

My Spiritual Mind Treatment for Today:

There is only one power, Divine Love, All Knowing and All Providing.I am a “child of God,” a loving extension of God’s grace, and light in the world.

All I need and desire is provided and I fulfill my role a bringer of love, light and joy.I am connected with God’s voice in every moment and joyfully follow Its guidance. My life flows with ease and peace. I am prosperous and happy. I love my work and do it with energy and enthusiasm. My light and love inspires others to have the same. Life is so fulfilling and amazing.

With deep gratitude and joy I rest in knowing these truths.  For so it is.

Sharing is caring!

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