Go Outside and Play

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This is a beautiful poem from one of my classmates in the Voice for Love Embodiment Certification Program.  We have learned to meditate and hear the Voice for Love and sometimes poetry comes through.   I just loved this.  Enjoy!

“Go outside and play!” said God.

“I have given you Universes as fields to run free in!

And here – take this and wrap yourself in it –

It’s called: LOVE and it will always, always keep you warm.

And stars! The sun and the moon and the stars!

Look upon these often, for they will remind you of your own light!

And eyes . . . oh, gaze into every Lover’s eyes;

gaze into every Other’s eyes

for they have given you their Universes

as fields to run free in.

There.  I have given you everything you need.

Now go, go, go outside and play!”


“Go Outside and Play”

©2007 em claire

Sharing is caring!

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