Getting In Sync With “The Voice”

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I do “spiritual mind treatment” to open my mind to The Truth.  When the mind is open, “God’s Voice” can be heard.  Prayers “ask” or “petition” and that is not necessary.  All is given.  It’s a matter of being able to receive.  The prayer is for the person praying to get “in sync” with God/ Divine Love so it’s guidance can be revealed.  The writing of the treatment strengthens my focus and increases its impact. I also benefit from seeing it…from re-reading it and even editing it.  Then I experience the tears of joy and know I am complete.

There is only one power, God, Creator, Almighty, Omnipresent, Omniscient, Loving and All-Providing.I am an expression of Divine Love and Light in the world, Divinely Guided and Directed to my highest good and my perfect expression in the world.

I rest in the acknowledgement of this truth.  I am attuned to the guidance of Divine Love in every moment. I follow my heart and am directed to my good.  As I follow the direction of Divine Love, I say the right words and perform the right actions that are for the highest good in my life and in the world. The Presence leads me to good and only good.  I focus on this truth and see it everywhere.  I clearly know the guidance of God and follow it in confidence and faith.  I am in the flow and it feels wonderful.  I experience continual joy and peace because I reside in the consciousness of God’s guidance.  

With deep gratitude and joy for the gift of Life and the guidance of Divine Love, I release, let go and rest in this truth. For so it is.

Sharing is caring!

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