Having Fun is a Spiritual Practice!

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photo of Mardi walking in the waves at the ocean with text that says, "Dream Big & Bloom, Having Fun Is a Spiritual Practice!"

Reading the Daily Word first thing in the morning is a fun spiritual practice because it gets my mind pointed in the right direction before it has a chance to wander down unproductive rabbit holes. It gets me feeling energized and happy. I listen to the audio version in the app on my phone and I get it via email too so I can review it during the day.

The title of the February 21, 2023 message, “I honor God with a Happy Heart” blew my mind! It takes the idea of “making yourself happy, to a whole new level. Making ourselves happy is not only good for us and those around us, but it honors the One who created us.

If you ever feel resistance to the idea of making yourself happy – that it might be self-indulgent – you can think of it instead, as a way of expressing gratitude to your Creator.

The article goes on to say that “having fun is a wonderful spiritual practice.” I thought, “wow!” a spiritual practice? What a concept!”

I know I could benefit from being less serious and having more fun. It felt like this message was God telling me to get over any resistance and to make happiness my first priority.

Got it!

“I Honor God (Love, Spirit, Source, Life) With My Happy Heart.”

A close up photo of a woman with her hands on her chest over her heart. The text on the image says, "Dream Big & Bloom, I Honor God with My Happy Heart."
Honoring our Creator with a happy heart is such a compelling reason (if you need one like I seem to LOL) to lighten up, have more fun and make yourself happy.

The way to do this, using the DreamBuilder tools, is to honor our feelings of longing and discontent. These are the bread crumbs on the path to our happiest, most fulfilling life.

The Daily goes on to say:

Fun can be as different and individual as the people having it. For some, it’s big and boisterous, and for others it’s intimate and quiet. No matter how I choose to have fun, I’m giving myself a great gift when I make time for it.

The Daily Word, February 21, 2023

Having Fun Is Giving Ourselves a Great Gift

As DreamBuilders, we focus on what we would love. That reveals our unique ways of having fun.

Then we choose – to make the decision – to give our self this great gift.

And the article mentions 6 great benefits to have fun:

6 Great Benefits of Having Fun:

  1. Worrying thoughts fade
  2. We get clarity and peace
  3. We gain new perspective
  4. We feel enjoyment and bliss
  5. We feel closer to God
  6. We realize that we are never alone

All these benefits from simply having more fun!

What a simple solution! Just have more fun!

Close up photo of Mardi Lynn from the waist up, having fun by putting a long strand of seaweed in her hair and the ocean waves are in the background

Works for me! I’m all about making life simple, easy and fun.

Want to join me?

Don’t feel guilty or selfish about making yourself happy. 

It’s a spiritual practice!  

Let’s practice every day! 

Here’s to having more fun!



image of Mardi Lynn coaching on the phone

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