The Key to Feeling Free

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woman on the beach at sunrise feeling  free as the birds flying above her in the sky

The Key to feeling free is recognizing that there is a power within you greater than any circumstance, situation or condition. There are many names for this power within you. You can call it whatever you like – Intuition, your Higher Power, the Law of Attraction, the Voice for Love, etc.)

Your connection with this Higher Power is the key to manifesting everything you want and need. It is the source of your ability to feel free in every area of your life – your security, prosperity and peace of mind.

Rather than struggling against circumstances, resisting what is, and lamenting a lack of freedom, you can use the power within you to change things.

You are free to choose your thoughts and feelings. You are free to choose your responses.

When you choose to forgive and release negative past experiences, your energy is freed up for growing into the person you would love to be and for creating the life you would love living.

an image of the word freedom written in the sand by someone at the beach

Your conviction that only good is expressing within and all around you, is the sweetest freedom of all. 

Connecting With The Power That Sets You Free

So how do you connect with this awesome power?

Here is a simple practice that is the key to everything you desire.

Simply ask your “Higher Power,” and then wait for the answer to come to you. It may come to you immediately as a thought or an idea or it may come to you some hours later through a conversation or through something you see in your environment. Just believe that you will receive it and keep your mind open and receptive. 

woman with here eyes closed and smiling as she communicates with her Higher Power which has all the answers and makes her feel free

Try this today and share your results with us in the comments.

Here’s to feeling free All the time!



P.S. It took me many years to be able to do this practice and it doesn’t have to be that way for you. I invested several thousand dollars in training courses and worked with several coaches. And then, when I finally learned to hear “that still small voice,” I didn’t trust it. My paradigm insisted that I was just making stuff up. LOL  And even after I learned to trust it, I would forget to use it consistently. Isn’t it just amazing how the brain is so resistant to changes in our beliefs and behavior! 

That’s the reason for the Dream Big And Bloom Academy. It’s the program I wish I had had. Having access to a coach and a supportive community of ‘partners in believing” accelerates results. 

Hopefully your paradigm won’t be as resistant as mine. If you do find yourself struggling with this practice, don’t waste any more precious time. Join me in the Dream Big & Bloom academy so you can manifest your dreams and be happy now. 

I’m looking forward to seeing you feeling happy, rich and free like me!

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