Follow Your Inner Guidance

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We all have an inner guidance system. It’s called many different names, some spiritual and some not, but it doesn’t matter what it’s called.  It’s all the same thing, and we are all born with it.

This inner guidance is expressed in how you feel.

When you feel expanded–happy, passionate, on fire, excited, open, loving–that’s the signal that it’s time to take action, to move forward.

When you feel contracted–shut down, angry, resistant, irritated, sad, unhappy–when it’s time to stop, go inside, and gain more clarity.

Contraction is ALWAYS a signal that there is a need for more clarity.

The Voice for Love practice is a simple way to access that clarity that is inside you.

If you would like to experience what it’s like, I can do a session with you and speak The Voice for Love for you and/or I can teach you how to speak it for yourself.

Sharing is caring!

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