Flying High with Jean Knox

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This week we’re meeting with Jean Knox, an amazing woman who has lived a very challenging life, managed to overcome many obstacles, and has created a life of fulfillment and prosperity. Jean and I hope that sharing her story will encourage you to overcome your obstacles, live your best life and inspire others by your example.

Jean appreciates the value of principles and practices in the DreamBuilder program and how it can make a big difference in our lives. We both wish we had known about DreamBuilding sooner but at least we took action to get coaching later.

“Years ago, if I had had this kind of work my life would have been much better. It’s really priceless to have coaches and I’ll tell you why, and I think it’s so important to tell your story.”


Yes, if we had known about DreamBuilding sooner, our lives would have been much better, but it’s never too late to turn things around. That’s the reason I am so dedicated to my work as a DreamBuilder Coach. I know first hand, that when people use the DreamBuilder System, they are able to release the past, overcome fear and failure and create lives of fulfillment, prosperity and peace. 

In spite of not having the DreamBuilder System, Jean was actually using many of the DreamBuilder principles and practices and because of that, she was able to overcome massive obstacles and achieve some bodacious goals. 

Jean was adversely affected by the gender bias in society at the time, and it created a situation that she could not control. She endeavored to take care of herself by learning how to fly a plane — a challenging goal that rewarded her with a new skill and much peace and joy.

We will be pushed by pain until we embrace our purpose

However, as the laws of the Universe work, we will be pushed by pain until we embrace our purpose. The situation at work escalated until it was intolerable. It was intolerable because Jean refused to violate her core values. Other women succumbed.

Jean got professional help. She worked with a woman who was a coach and a psychotherapist. She did a lot of personal development work on herself and she didn’t settle. It was really, really, hard and it cost her a lot but she was able to leave the corporate world and move forward.

The Mind-Body Connection

Also she took massive action to regain her health. As a Molecular Biologist, she knew first hand about the effect the mind and emotions have on the body. 

And then, as Henry David Thoreau said, 

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”

And so, Jean started her own business, became the CEO of her own company, that provided healing massage therapy and earned more money than the toxic corporate job she had had before.

Jean was also called to protect other women from suffering the abuse that she had experienced. She she stepped up to the plate and founded a non-profit organization that promotes Gender Equality. It’s a legacy that she is proud of.

In addition, she has been able to make peace with the bad behavior of her ex-husband who has denied her access to her grandchildren.

She made taking care of her Father a priority and dedicated five years to serving him with love and devotion. It was very challenging but also very rewarding. 

The Law of Circulation

Through it all, she has been supported with financial prosperity. It’s the law of circulation in action. We create a vacuum through giving, and we activate the law of receiving.   

And, Jean continues to contribute to others through speaking, teaching, writing and sharing her story.

I think you will really enjoy listening to our conversation and that you will be inspired to do whatever it takes to create a life of peace, purpose and prosperity for yourself.

Do You Have an Inspiring Story to Share?

If you have a story you would like to share to inspire other women, please let me know.

Here’s to living a life of peace, purpose and prosperity!

Much love to you,


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