How to Find Your Answers Inside

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Accessing Your Answers Inside requires being open, listening to and entertaining the possibilities.  

First, you must set aside your agenda, your preconceived ideas about how things are, and your desire or need to have it be a certain way. This opens you up to new and greater possibilities.  Remember that Spirit is always impelled by Love to express Life more fully and you are an expression of Spirit.

Then, listen for and be open to a new idea, knowing that it can only be for your highest and best good.  There are lots of possibilities that Your Higher Self (Spirit Within You) knows, even when your conscious mind doesn’t.  There is a broader perspective in the great Universal Mind of which we are all one.

Visioning (as opposed to visualization) is a practice which helps you access the answers from your Higher Self. 

Ask a question.  Then meditate and observe the inflow of Spirit’s wisdom and guidance, allowing It to reveal Itself through you. 

Write down what came to you. 

Do this for several days and see how the answers develop.

What is the highest vision for your life?

Ask yourself this question, then be very still and wait-and listen.

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