Connecting to Divine Love in the Beauty of Nature

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I was watching the beautiful moon going down at 5:00 AM this morning and it always fills me with wonder and gratitude for the beauty of nature.  I feel the presence of that higher power that loves and provides for us.  

And it made me wonder, “how can anyone view the magnificence of the moon and stars and not believe in a loving higher intelligence? I wonder because I’m the only one in my family that has a spiritual faith.  My parents considered themselves “humanists.”  They believed in living a moral life but didn’t believe they needed help from a Higher Power. My father thought people who went to church just went to be seen and were hypocrites.  My Mother thought that people who went to church were weak.  My grown children think it doesn’t exist.  

When life is rolling along pretty well, one is not motivated to seek help.  Human nature is to settle for “good enough” because they don’t believe there is another way. 

It’s unfortunate that they don’t realize that they could experience less stress, better health and more joy in their lives if they knew what I know and used the practices I teach.

This is why I’m so dedicated to getting the word out there.  It brings me joy to see others happy (fulfilled and living lives with purpose and meaning), rich – meaning prosperous in all areas of life, rich in money, rich in love, rich in joy, and free — free to do what they desire, when they desire and with whom they desire, free of pain and suffering, empowered to realize their dreams and create lives they absolutely love.

I invite you to spend some time being truly present with the beauty of nature today and see if it sparks a recognition of a higher power within you — of Divine Love that can always provide for you and guide you to your highest and best.

I’d love to about your experience with this practice in the comments.

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I know you have the capability to take your life wherever you want to go, and I’m passionate about helping you achieve that.

Much love to you,


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