Fall Into Grace

Here is a beautiful inspiration from one of my classmates in the Voice for Love Embodiment Program.  I especially liked the image of rocking the innocent one and falling into grace.

What Spirit taught me today. We are never without the constant reminder that we have lessons to learn. When we get defensive, angry, hurt, or feel shamed, it comes from the deep seated idea that I am not _____. The flip side of this is: I want to be ______. Both are ego driven thoughts, because they come from a place of fear. I have learned through this wonderful Embodiment Program to catch these negative thoughts and emotions and let them be my trigger to connect with God and Love. I can see there are no mistakes, all things are learning devises, and if I will let them teach me I can surrender to the love that I am. Everything in my universe becomes Love or is a CALL FOR LOVE. I am innocent and within that thought I am a thought of God. I rock the innocent baby, and nurture the wounded child and I fall into Grace.

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