Episode #13: How to Access the Guidance of Your Higher Self

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In this episode, I’m sharing some tips for accessing the wisdom and guidance of your higher self.  This is one of the primary practices of The DreamBuilder System.

I was inspired by the February Daily Affirmations from The Centers for Spiritual Living because the theme was “All the Colors of Love.” A celebration of diversity.  And that is so needed right now.

And you don’t have to subscribe to the teachings of the Science of Mind Philosophy in order to benefit from the messages. 

Just like the DreamBuilder program that I teach, The Science of Mind is based on universal principles and modern science.  Ernest Holmes, the Author of The Science of Mind Book and founder of The Centers for Spiritual Living, based his teaching on his comprehensive research and study of the world’s philosophies, religion and scientific understanding of how the mind works.

According to the Science of Mind philosophy, there is one infinite and unlimited life of Spirit that expresses Its nature in infinite and unlimited forms and that includes us. Each one of us is an irreplaceable, unrepeatable part of the pattern of God. (or Source/ or Life — whatever you prefer to call it.)

The affirmations for February’s celebration of diversity, were about celebrating the good of God that comes through diverse individuals and diverse groups in our human family.

The Author of the affirmations is Rev. Dr. Michael Gott, an ordained minister both in Centers for Spiritual Living and Unity. He serves as senior minister of Unity of Houston. He is widely known as a singer and songwriter of contemporary, inspirational music. Gott says, “Celebration of diversity” is required in order for us to get over the current political rancor and move forward in more productive ways.  

I believe that is so true and it got me wondering…

Why do so many people have such a hard time accepting people the way they are?  

I think it’s fear.  

They’re afraid that others have control over their lives and it’s because they don’t realize their own power.  

I think that if everyone believed in their power, and practiced using it, they would be able to relax and allow others to be themselves.

When we realize that we aren’t victims and that we have total control over our lives, we don’t feel the need to expend a lot of energy trying to control others or worrying about what they’re doing.

When we understand and truly believe that we are created to be prosperous and happy and know how to create lives we absolutely love, we won’t be concerned about the words or activities of people who are ignorant about the truth about themselves.  We can respect their path — their choices and we can feel compassion for them when they are working against themselves.  If they knew better they would do better.  

  • When you make yourself happy….
  • when you make yourself a priority, 
  • when you achieve YOUR Dreams
  • When your “cup runneth over” 
  • You feel more loving and you naturally want to SHARE your love and abundance.  

It’s not selfish… It makes you a mighty force for good in the world.  

Others will notice how good your life is and may even ask you how you do it.  And then you will be able to help them learn how to live their best lives. And when we all “become the change we want to see,” there won’t be anymore rancor and rudeness on a political or personal level.

Would you like to be a channel of Divine Love”?

If so, I invite you to affirm these affirmations from Rev. Gott.

  • “I am here to radiate peace, well-being and calm. 
  • No matter what I face, I see through the surface conditions to the great reality of love.”  
  • God’s love and power express as me,  and there is nothing God and I can’t handle.”

Doesn’t that make you feel great, to affirm for yourself, “There is nothing God and I can’t handle!?

Or maybe you aren’t comfortable with the term “God,” how about

  • There is nothing The Universe and I can’t handle
  • There is nothing that Universal Intelligence and I can’t handle
  • There is nothing that My Higher Self and I can’t handle.

Whatever you like to call it…there is a force for good supporting you and nothing that you can’t handle.   

Do you believe that?  If not, how can you get to that point? How can I help you get to that point?  

One way is to learn how to hear you Higher Self — To tune into that source of wisdom and power.  

We do that by quieting the monkey mind… that committee…those fear based thoughts that get in the way. We do that by observing them. 

Have you ever tried this? 

When you observe your fear based thoughts, who is observing them?  Who is that Observer?  It’s your higher self.  The YOU that is connected and guided to the wisdom and guidance of your Source.

Another very effective way is to meditate but a lot of people think of meditation as being too difficult and complicated.  I actually know a very simple and effective meditation technique that I will share in future podcast but for now, here is another way.

You can pause and observe your thoughts throughout the day.  Let them quiet down, and then listen for a better feeling thought to emerge.  

In the DreamBuilder Program, we call it “noticing what you’re noticing.”  It takes practice but it’s sooooo rewarding.

And here’s a great tool I discovered that you can use to get in the habit of noticing what you’re thinking…  

There’s a reminder app designed by The Foundation for Inner Peace  that has all the daily lessons from the Workbook of A Course In Miracles and you can set it to ring a little bell and display a notification on phone or tablet, every hour – or even more frequently.  Even if you are not a student of A Course in Miracles, you can benefit from using this app to remind you to check in with your thinking and to “notice what you are noticing.”  You can just choose any one of the many inspiring lessons that appeal to you.  There are many powerful affirmations to choose from.  So you don’t have to totally believe in the Course in order to benefit.  

Basically, it’s based on the practice of forgiveness as the key to inner peace and the remembrance of God.  It was channeled  through — or scribed, by a woman named Helen Schucman who was an American clinical psychologist and research psychologist and Professor of medical psychology at Columbia University.  The book, A Course in Miracles was published in 1975.  She claimed it was given to her by an inner voice she identified as Jesus.  And the book has generated many followers and study groups throughout the world.  

You may be aware of Marianne Williamson…she is one of the most well-known teachers of the Course.  Oprah Winfrey invited her to teach the whole course on Oprah’s Oprah and Friends Sirius radio station back in 2008.  I listened in every day at noon and did the practice.  I highly recommend it.

But, like I said, there are a lot of universal spiritual principles and wonderful affirmations in it and you don’t need to study it all or believe it all in order to benefit from using the app to increase your awareness about what you’re thinking..

So… you can download the app on your phone, choose a lesson that resonates with you and set reminders for every hour, or half hour or 15 minutes and then pause and notice what you’ve been thinking.

This will help you to identify those repetitive negative messages that are controlling your feelings and behavior, affecting your energetic vibration and preventing you from hearing the wisdom and guidance of your Creator or Higher Self.

Then take the opportunity to breath, relax and choose the thoughts that will serve you better.  No shame, no blame, no attempts to suppress the negative thoughts — just observe, acknowledge and take charge by making a substitution that serves you better..

With time, you will repattern your paradigm — your habitual thinking and beliefs, and you will feel increasing levels of joy, freedom and power.  You will, as Henry David Throueau said, “meet with a success unexpected in common hours.  As you put some things behind, you will pass that invisible boundary; and, new, more liberal laws will begin to establish themselves around and within you; or the old laws will be expanded, and interpreted in your favor, and you will live with the license of a higher order of being.”

Does that sound good?

It’s so exciting when you experience that — when you know and believe from personal experience–that you have “the license of a higher order of being.

So I invite you to try this practice and share your experience or questions in the comments here.

No matter what you call your Higher Power…Life, God, The Universe, Divine Love, Source, you are equipped to Dream Big & Bloom!  

And not only can you live a life you absolutely love, but you will be the change you want to see in the world.

Your Higher Power will guide you and support you so I invite you to give this practice a try.  And let me know how it goes by sharing in the comments.

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