Episode #12: Taking Off “The Covid 15” and Keeping It Off

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Have you gained weight since the Covid lock-down or do you frequently struggle with maintaining your ideal weight?

In this episode Wendy Solomon, hugely successful DreamBuilder Client of mine, and I talk about weight loss (“The Covid 15,”) because it seems to be a such common issue for people.

Wendy’s motivated to take care of her health, she’s been keeping track of calories, doing Jazzercise, and been trying to take off “those last 5-10 lbs.”

I’ve finally figured out how to do it — after 40 years of study and trying every diet under the sun. LOL DreamBuilder practices make all the difference.

In this episode we discuss:
1. The causes of people being overweight
2. What works and what doesn’t
3. And how you can achieve long-term success

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Links and Resources mentioned in the podcast:

Bright Line Eating book

About Susan Peirce Thompson

About Corrine Crabtree and No BS Weight Loss

Mardi’s Exercise as a spiritual practice video

A Documentary on food being addictive, “Fed Up” trailer

13 Documentaries That’ll Change the Way You See Food

Atomic Habits by James Clear

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One thought on “Episode #12: Taking Off “The Covid 15” and Keeping It Off

  1. A client commented that she hadn’t looked into Bright Line Eating because of the no sugar rule. In case others thought the same thing, I wanted to clarify that I eat sugar occasionally. If you aren’t high on the food addiction scale (I’m a 3 out of 10), you can probably modify the food plan a little when you’re on maintenance just like most of us do on any eating plan. To be clear…I’m not pushing this particular program, if counting calories works for you then you go! I have just found that this works best for me and it’s all natural and healthy which is important to me.

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