Episode #11: Restoring Peace and Healing Relationships in Troubling Times

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Are you feeling anxious about your future right now?  Are there breaches in your treasured relationships because of differences of opinion about politics or government policies?   

I want you to know that there is an alternative to remaining disappointed, worried and bitter.  There is a way to make peace with the circumstances and successfully maintain your  relationships with family members and friends.

In this Episode,  you’ll learn 5 principles and practices that will empower you to restore your sense of peace and heal fractured relationships after the rancorous US election — or in any situation where you are frustrated and agitated by circumstances or people that seem beyond your control. 

Many of us in the United States have had our relationships with friends and family severely strained due to differences in opinion about government policies and who should be in charge.  And I’m sure that people outside of the US face similar challenges at times… so there is value here for everyone who is seeking peace of mind and more harmonious relationships.

I hope you will enjoy this episode and that you will join the discussion by posting your comments and questions below.

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