Dream Building for World Peace

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Today’s Daily Word is, Let us all pray and work for peace and I found myself thinking, “Why bother?” We are always encouraged to pray for world peace and love one another and yet, we don’t seem to be getting any closer to the result!

collage of Time Magazine Covers

The world is as big a mess as ever with war and strife and Politicians arguing about the same old things. Facebook is riddled with frustration, hate and condemnation and many of the most prolific critics are long-time students and practitioners of various spiritual paths.

I can “pray for myself and for all people that we will awaken to our oneness and to the light of God that we truly are” but honestly, I don’t believe prayer is going to change them — or the world.

Prayer for others, may ease our minds and bring us some momentary peace, but it doesn’t change the circumstances.

We need real-world communication and practical action. People aren’t just going to “awaken.” They need education. They need tools. They need to see results! They need to be fulfilled and happy in their own lives and then their cup will “overflow with love and understanding of others.”

I agree that it’s our “divine nature…to realize inner peace and [be] prompted to reach out to others in love and peace. We share a desire for well-being for ourselves, our families, and for the countries in which we live.” However…what does “reaching out in love and peace” mean? Does it just mean kind words, acts of kindness, charitable contributions? How can we truly “foster well-being for others, their families, and their countries”?

diagram of the four domains of life

For me, it’s by helping people create a vision of the life they would love and then coaching them through a proven, reliable process for achieving those dreams.

There are proven methods for overcoming the fear, resentment and frustration which are the main sources of the world’s problems.

That’s how the world will change. When everyone knows how to fill their own cup to overflowing in all four areas of their lives — vibrant health and well-being, loving, fulfilling relationships, rewarding vocations and abundant time and money freedom.

When they have plenty to spare and to share from all four areas of their lives they will be eager to help others do the same.

That’s my vision for world peace.
That’s why I’m a Dream Builder Coach.
That’s why I’m inviting you to become a Dream Builder.

Achieving big dreams requires more than prayer. It does require the assistance of a Higher Power, but that’s inside you already. It’s simply a matter of learning how to recognize It’s signals.  You need to know how to overcome fear, how to use the universal laws of success and how to do these things consistently.

You need a coach to help you overcome old paradigms and habits and to firmly establish this new way of living. It will be an amazing experience and you will love, love, love the results!

I believe that this is the way we will accomplish world peace — by becoming Dream Builders and showing others how to do it.

image of woman having happy thoughts

I invite you to:

  • Become a Dream Builder

  • Prove it in your own life

  • Join me in making the world better, one Dream Builder at a time.

Are you ready? Here are three ways you can get started.

  1. Make an appointment for a complimentary 1:1 Dream Building strategy session
  2. Invite me to present a complimentary presentation to the groups you belong to
  3. Attend my next 3 hr. Dream Builder Workshop

I’m looking forward to Dream Building with you soon!

Much love,

Let me know how I can help you:

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2 thoughts on “Dream Building for World Peace

  1. nice message Mardi! I am glad you showed Time magazine covers. They are one of the big fear mongers, remember the “big freeze ?” never happened neither will “global warming.” Divine Creator creates and sustains our Universe.
    Yeay! Love, Nancy

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