Does Your Holiday Measure Up?

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Are you having a happy holiday season?

I know how challenging it can be when people or circumstances don’t meet our expectations or when we don’t measure up to society’s expectations.

Back in 1979, Wayne Dyer solved all of this for me when he published  Pulling Your Own Strings. In it, he suggested that if you don’t want to attend holiday parties or visit relatives for the holidays, you don’t have to. It’s totally your choice. And, if you do decide to visit, choose to have a good time. It totally blew my mind.

I had a three year old son at the time and was conflicted about staying with in-laws for several days during Christmas. Dyer’s perspective made all the difference for me that year and for the rest of my life!

I decided that ultimately, I wouldn’t feel good if I didn’t go, so I would go with a positive attitude and find ways to have fun. And I did! 

There’s something about knowing you have a choice that immediately changes your attitude. You feel empowered instead of victimized. 

When you take responsibility for your feelings and your actions, you have the opportunity to choose happiness. Just imagine how the world would look if everyone knew how to do that? 

You can choose to “think outside the box” of tradition, focus on what you truly desire and make yourself happy.

  • You don’t have to make cookies, unless you find it fun.
  • You can say “no thank you” to holiday parties that you don’t want to attend.
  • You can enjoy time with your family in any way YOU like.
  • You can choose to be present with people instead of rushing to check off boxes on a l-o-o-o-o-ng to do list.
  • You can choose to not participate in holiday dinner conversations about sex, politics or religion.

You deserve to have all the best in life and to be happy NOW. I hope you believe this and that you will choose thoughts and activities that bring you peace and joy. 

Here’s to creating a very happy holiday season!



P.S. If you’re having a hard time finding the courage to “pull your own strings,” and make yourself happy now, I can help. Join me in the next Dream Big & Bloom Group Coaching Program starting Jan 4th.

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