Do You Feel Invisible?

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a pile of torn, wrinkled pieces of paper (like trash) and each one has a word on it. The words are "misunderstood, Rejected, Lonely, Underestimated, ignored and worthless" This represents feeling invisible because of one's age

Do you feel invisible because of your age? In a world that glorifies youth, there lies a silent struggle that many of us face every day: the disheartening feeling of fading into invisibility.

You’ve reached the time in life when you expected to feel content and fulfilled. Instead, you find yourself grappling with an unsettling feeling of invisibility. It’s as if you live in a world that no longer acknowledges your presence.

The media doesn’t reflect your experiences, and society’s obsession with youth leaves you feeling like you’re irrelevant.  The media perpetuates harmful stereotypes, leaving you feeling like your wisdom and experience are deemed unimportant or unworthy of attention.

You can’t help but wonder: have you become invisible, irrelevant, and consigned to the sidelines of life? It can be a disheartening experience that leaves you yearning to be recognized and valued for the vibrant and multifaceted person you still are.

This loss of identity, coupled with the pressure to meet society’s unrealistic beauty standards, can take a toll on your mental well-being. The struggle against invisibility can lead to feelings of loneliness, depression, and anxiety, further compounding the emotional toll that ageism exacts.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Let your presence be known. It’s a matter of how you feel about yourself, how you act, and what you say. 

I often feel ignored but I notice that when I smile, and speak up, I get noticed. People’s response to me changes. Suddenly they act warmer and more friendly. I feel a connection — like equals who are on the same wave length. They realize that I don’t match their image of an old, wrinkled- faced person. There is a vibrant energy and intelligence inside that old looking body. It’s a friendly, loving energy and very appealing.

For example, recently I attended a 4th of July block party at the home of my daughter and her husband. On the young people there were very friendly and included me in their conversations. But that was because I was friendly and curious about them and I spoke up and joined in the conversation. (One of the moms even asked me about what my pregnancy experiences were like.) 

If I had bought-in to the idea that the young people were not going to respect me, I might not have bothered to speak up and shine my light and not only would I have been ignored but I would have been reinforcing the stereotype of aging and allowing my self image to suffer. 

Our thoughts create our feelings, our feelings affect our actions and our actions create our results.

No one can make us feel invisible without our permission! You are the only one in charge of how you feel and you can choose to feel good about yourself no matter what. When we love and respect ourselves, we don’t need others’ approval and we will act in ways that serve our highest good and bless others with our wisdom and experience. 

Together, we can shatter the barriers of invisibility and create a world that celebrates the contributions and worth of women at every stage of life. Remember, your age doesn’t define you; it enriches you. It’s time to stand tall, proud, and visible. You are a force to be reckoned with.  (If you choose to be.)

Don’t let outside circumstances and other people define you. Choose happiness! (Happiness is the best revenge LOL.)

Are you feeling proud and happy now? Do you have any lingering questions or concerns about this topic? Let me know in the comments below.

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