How to Create A Happy Valentines Day

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Happy almost Valentine’s Day!  Do you have big plans?

If you don’t have a passionate, intimate relationship with a life partner, would you love to have one? You totally can!

If you have been following this blog for the past month or so, you already know how to create it!

How to Manifest the Relationship of Your Dreams

1. You create a vision statement for what you would love. Write it down in vivid detail as if it has already manifested. “I’m so happy and grateful now that…”

2. Every day, you take a few minutes to visualize yourself having it. What fun!

3. As you go through your day, you act as if you already have it. (How would that person look, talk, act?).

4. You take baby steps every day to bring it into reality. 

If your current relationship is unfulfilling, perhaps you will choose to learn how to communicate more effectively, or practice forgiveness, or speak up for what you want. 

If you are longing for a new relationship, perhaps you will choose to start participating in groups where you can meet someone who shares your interests.

Or perhaps you will choose to join an online dating site. (I took two courses on how to do that most effectively and I found “my person” there.)

5. You manage fear and doubt by refocusing on your vision and taking an action step.

6. You stay open and receptive to the guidance of your Creator. “Ask and you shall receive.”

And, remember the foundational DreamBuilder principles:

1. You are totally worthy and deserving of a magnificent relationship with a life partner.

2. You were created to express God’s love and joy in the world. (I call The Creator God or Divine Love. You can call it whatever resonates with you.)

3. Your happy, fulfilling relationship with a life partner is one of the ways you shine God’s light in the world and you inspire and motivate others by your example.

What Would Make You Happy on Valentine’s Day?

So, how would your ideal Valentine’s Day look? What would you love? Create your vision and take action to make it happen.

If you don’t have “your person” yet, you can BE YOUR OWN VALENTINE. 

How would that look? What would you love? A massage? A new, sexy outfit? A new hair do? A weekend get-a-way?

Make yourself happy now and you will vibrate on a frequency that will attract everything you desire and more.

Here’s to creating a Happy Valentine’s day no matter what!

Because you deserve all the best Life has to offer.


Mardi 💞

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