Conversation With An Artist

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I am a Computer and Gadget Tutor and send out a weekly techie tip.  Last week I talked about artists I have worked with.  When I see info that might be helpful, I email it to them personally.  This is a conversation I had with one of them today.

From the artist:

Thank you for the art info link! there is good info in it. There is so much to research I will be staying up for half the night.  There are other art sites as well such as fine art America and artspan. Alot i blogging,  tweeting neither of which I have tried. Does one need a smart phone to tweet?  God knows when I will ever have time to paint!  Hope you are having fun, Hugs,
My response:
You don’t need to blog or tweet because you aren’t selling information and they don’t need to know your opinions about stuff.​ You just need to get your art in front of people so they can buy it.  It’s pretty easy now that other companies have done the work of getting in front of the public for you.  All you have to do is jump on their wagon.
“I am the love and light of Divine love in expression. I am so blessed to have a gift that brings me so much joy.  How can I best share my gift with the world?”
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Sharing is caring!

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