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I loved this clear explanation of how we can use Science of Mind for effortless living.  It takes the teaching to “the next level,” when we can stop “placing orders” with God and allow ourselves to relax into the wisdom of our Higher Selves–the Mind of God within us.  We just have to dump the efforting and worry and allow the guidance in.  The Universe is truly wired to provide our highest and best, we just need to trust and allow it in.

Follow that “still small voice within” and watch the miracles that unfold moment by moment by moment.  From personal experience, I can attest to the fact that it works but you can prove it for yourself.  May you have a day filled with peace, joy and prosperity.
In Joy,
June 10

What Fills Your Space?

Humility is the particular attribute that allows God into your experience. People attack life as if it’s their strength, power, and wisdom that will conquer their world. Before Spirit can fill your field of awareness with the Divine realization that is relevant to your situation, you’ve got to be clear to receive it. You can’t fill space that is already full of longings and desires. The storage unit business is a lucrative business because people can’t get rid of their stuff, so they pay dearly to keep it. Life is not withholding your good; it’s that your container you already have is occupied with other worldly perspectives.

God doesn’t exist to please you and fulfill your wants. You must yield to the Divine Expression. How could you love God if you believed It was intentionally withholding your good, waiting for you to wheel and deal? That which created the universe didn’t omit anything in creating you. Believe things will always work out well in your world by ultimately putting your faith not in the material world but by surrendering your will and wishes. You’ll find Divine Grace filling the space with Its way of love and joyous living. Who knows what treasures Spirit has in store for you-it could just be your heart’s desires and more!

Reflection: What’s taking up God’s space in my awareness that would be beneficial to clear out?

Affirmation: Grace fills me now!

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  1. Hi Mardi, this is great. It is what I believe, stop placing orders and become yourself. Orders come from the conscious mind which does not create anything. Did you watch any of the Hay HOuse Summit of speakers? It was better than I thought it would be. Love, Nancy

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