Class Starts This Saturday

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Is it time to move from being just a Spiritual Seeker to being a Spiritual Finder? To advance from a place of intellectual knowing to that of a deeper, more heart-felt experience of God and your True Inner Voice – the Voice for Love?  Learn to more easily access your Inner Wisdom and Divine Guidance.

The Voice For Love 5-Step Meditation Workshops

11:15 AM to 1:15 PM for 6 Saturdays

April 19th – May 24

The Center for Spiritual Living Palm Desert, 45-630 Portola Ave.


  • A breaking down of the barriers held within the Mind that can keep you from experiencing your Oneness with All That Is
  • The ability to receive clear and specific Inner Guidance and Direction
  • Increased trust in the Inner Wisdom that is your birthright
  • An immediate, SENSORY EXPERIENCE of the Presence of Peace and Love within you.  Your Voice for Love will speak to you and you will recognize it as that…guaranteed!

These 5 Steps are part of a structured meditative process.  They take you quickly within yourself, within your Heart, to that place where Love/God/ Holy Spirit/Wisdom resides.  Once centered, you can more easily ask any questions you have and get answers that are right for you in this moment. 


  • greater self-acceptance and more abiding self-love
  • increased capacity for loving and forgiving others
  • greater awareness of the presence of God in your life
  • enhanced confidence in making decisions and taking action
  • more joy, peace, and courage to grow in any situation
  • greater clarity about your spiritual direction
  • more reliable and affirming guidance for your daily life
  • practical, inspired action steps for living a more abundant and happier life

The 5-Steps to Hearing God’s Voice is a process that can be used by anyone, of any faith or belief, to feel the Presence of Peace within their life in a very tangible and experiential way.

Cost:  $20 per class or $100 for all 6 if you pay in advance

(No one is turned away for inability to pay.  See Mardi)

Each step builds upon the previous one so it’s essential to take all 6 classes

Come to the first class to learn more and then decide if you want to take all 6

For more info call Mardi Boettcher RScP,

Certified Facilitator of The Voice for Love


All are Welcome!  Learn More at

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