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photo of Joe Dispenza and Jay Shetty discussing Joe's scientific research that proves you can truly "change your thinking, change your life."

Joe Dispenza has collected solid scientific evidence proving that you can truly “change your thinking, change your life.”

I’m a big fan of Joe Dispenza’s work ( because he has been gathering brain scan images of people who have been successful with his meditation technique. The data shows that it IS truly possible to rewire the brain, change your thinking and change your life. 

Providing scientific data like this is really important because so many people are resistant to anything considered “religious” or even “spiritual,” and most people don’t understand Quantum Physics.

The title of the video,  WATCH THIS EVERY DAY To Brainwash Yourself For SUCCESS & ABUNDANCE! | Joe Dispenza & Jay Shetty is click bait, because watching it every day is NOT going to “brainwash” you for success and abundance. I wish it were true, but the truth is that you have to do some simple practices like becoming aware of your thinking and meditating on your vision.

You WILL Get Inspired and Motivated

This video WILL increase your faith in the process AND inspire you to do the necessary practice

You’ll notice that much of what Joe says is the same as what I teach in the DreamBuilder Program. That’s because it isn’t new information. He’s documenting that there are measurable physical changes in the brain.

For example:

a woman's leg with a ball and chain representing the limitations of habitual thoughts and the heading, "Your Thoughts Create Your Destiny."

Your Thoughts Create Your Destiny

Your thoughts create your destiny. You think 60,000 to 70 000 thoughts in one day and 90%  of those thoughts are the same thoughts as the day before and your life isn’t going to change very much as long as you’re thinking in the same way

And those same thoughts lead to the same choices, the same choices lead to the same behaviors, the same behaviors create the exact same experiences.

(Sound familiar? DreamBuilders call it “the Paradigm.”)

Scientifically speaking, he says, “we anticipate the same feelings or emotions from those experiences. Those emotions are the payoff that drive our thoughts. Our biology, neurocircuitry, neurochemistry, our hormones and even our gene expression are affected by how we think, how we act and how we feel.

(No wonder it’s so challenging to change! Right?)

“Our Personality Creates Our Personal Reality”

He even goes so far as to say that “how we think, how we act, and how we feel is called our personality and our personality creates our personal reality. So the present personality has created the present personal reality called your life.

So if you want to create a new life, a new personal reality you”ve got to change your personality which means you better start thinking about what you’ve been thinking about and changing it. 

(Does that sound familiar? LOL)

“Notice What You Are Noticing”

You begin to become conscious of your unconscious actions or habits or behaviors and modify them. 

(DreamBuilders call it “noticing what you are noticing.”)

And then we have to begin to look at the emotions that we live by every single day that are keeping us connected to the past and and decide if these emotions belong in our future.

(That’s the purpose of the DreamBuilder forgiveness practices.)

The Greatest Benefit – Personal Transformation

Most people are trying to create a new personal reality as the same personality and it doesn’t work. You literally have to become someone else.

In the DreamBuilder Program we refer to this as the “personal transformation” that takes place during the process of achieving your dreams. It’s who you become in the process that is the greatest benefit of the program.

image representing the idea that "nerve cells that fire together, wire together."


Neuroscience says that nerve cells that fire together wire together. As you keep thinking the same way, making the same choices, demonstrating the same habits, creating the same experiences, that stamps the same networks of neurons into the same patterns, all for the familiar feeling called you. And you do that for 10 years on end, you’re gonna begin to hardwire certain patterns in your brain that become your identity. And by the time we’re 35 years old it kind of becomes fixed.

(Psychology used to say that you can’t change that but we now know that you can. That’s huge!)

There’s kind of a box in the brain that is the habit of ourselves. 95% of the time it’s running a series of programs so we have to become disentangled from those programs. 

However, the moment you decide to do something differently or make a new choice, what most people don’t want to face is that discomfort. That discomfort, that uncertainty, that lack of predictability, that unknown is what people are afraid of because they’d rather live in guilt. At least they can predict who they’re going to be rather than take a chance on possibility.

When a person begins to understand this and you say well how long have you been this way and they say i’ve been like this for 35 years and you say why 35 years because 35 years ago I had this one event. Well the stronger the emotion you feel from reaction from that event, the more altered you feel inside of you, the more the brain narrows its focus and freezes the image and takes a snapshot and that’s called the memory.

The Voice of Fear

When they step out into the unknown, the body starts influencing the mind saying you can start tomorrow, you’re too busy, it’s your mother’s fault you know, it’s your culture’s fault, I don’t have enough money, this isn’t going to work. Those are the programs in there that are standing in the way between you and your future. 

(In the DreamBuilder Program we learn how to manage that “voice of fear.”)

The nerve cells that no longer fire together no longer wire together so the act of observing those states of mind and body means you’re no longer the program, you’re the consciousness observing that program. So then to meditate means to become familiar with so as you become familiar with those thoughts you become conscious of how you speak you become aware of how you act you notice how you’re feeling. 

image of a woman sitting on a sofa and meditating with hand over her heart

The more conscious you become of those unconscious programs the less unconscious you’ll go in your waking day because it’s not enough to just have a great meditation and get up and get on the freeway and get in traffic and getting stressed you just return back to the old self again. 

“Breadcrumbs from the Divine”

Our job then is to sustain that modified state of mind and body the entire day and if you can, get ready because something different or unusual is going to begin to happen in your life and it will come as a coincidence or a synchronicity and that’s breadcrumbs from the divine saying you’re on the path just keep doing it there’ll be another one just keep staying in that energy.

There’s a Formula

And so teaching people to understand that there’s a formula that we now know that if you apply that formula you’ll begin to see those changes and now as people are doing it more and more effectively the results are going up as well.

If you start returning back to the same reactions to the same people and circumstances you’re returning back to the old self so you got to stay conscious in your life

image of hand holding a magnifying glass pointing at the blue sky and the ocean with a text overlay that says, "clarity Is Power."

The Power of Vision

And if you’re not being defined by a vision of the future then you’re left with the  memories of the past and you will be predictable in your life so crossing that river of change from the old self to the new self there’s a neurological a biological chemical hormonal a genetic death of the old self but if you teach people there’s something on the other side they won’t give up on themselves they’ll keep going.

So there’s enough evidence to encourage people and you can’t tell me you’re too old to do this work you can’t tell me you’re too sick to do this work you can’t tell me you had a turbulent past or or that you’re too overweight or too underweight or too out of shape or you can’t even tell me that you’ve never meditated before. In fact some of our greatest scans or people who just have never meditated before that are not trying to do anything they just follow instructions.

Jay asks, “Why is it that we get so attached to that old self? What is it about? Is security? Is it safety? Is familiarity that keeps us so attached and so focused on something that we don’t even like that much?

The biggest Delusion

Joe: We’ve been hypnotized and conditioned into becoming materialists. I think that we define reality with our senses and I think that is one of the biggest delusions. The fundamental question is can you believe in a future that you can’t see or experience with your senses yet but you’ve thought about enough times in your mind that your brain is literally changed to look like the event has already occurred?

Research Shows Us New Possibilities

The latest research in plasticity says that’s absolutely possible and you can select a new possibility in the quantum field and begin to emotionally embrace that future every single day to such a degree that your body, as the unconscious mind, the objective mind, does not know the difference between the experience in your life that’s creating the emotion and the emotion that you’re fabricating by thought alone. 

To the degree that you begin to signal new genes and new ways to change your body to look like the experience has already happened – the latest research in epigenetics says it’s absolutely possible.

image of magnet and iron filings illustrating the magnetic power of our minds - of "becoming the Magnet to your destiny."

“Becoming the Magnet to Your Destiny”

Think about this everyday, installing the circuitry every day. Conditioning the body into the emotion of the future so that your body begins to change to look like it’s already happened now. This is where it gets fun because now you no longer have to go anywhere to get it now it begins to come to you. You become the vortex or the magnet to your destiny. 

Staying Connected to the Vision

People who come out of their meditation and say I just focused on my wealth, why isn’t it there? If you’re asking why isn’t it there you’re back to the old person again.

Stay in that state for an extended period of time as an experiment, as the scientist in your life, to keep your energy connected to the dream of your future and then see what kind of effects begin to take place. Without moving into impatience without moving into frustration without starting to analyze why it hasn’t happened or when that is the trap of defining reality with your senses so you have the thought of your future and you don’t see it then you experience separation.

“A Blissful, Playful, Ecstatic, Loose, Free Process”

But people who are practicing this work, they have the thought of their future, and they feel the emotion of their Future. They’re still connected to it. That takes practice. It’s just like learning to hit a golf ball, hitting a tennis ball, dancing the salsa, and crocheting. Whatever it is, you gotta start out staying real conscious and learning. Then get good at it and it gets to be instrumental. It gets to be fun. And that’s what I want for everybody, that the act of creation should be a blissful, playful, ecstatic, loose, free process. 

And so I love the idea of people taking time out of their lives to prove to themselves that if they’re defined by the vision of the future then they’re not living by the memories of the past and that’s where the unknown exists. 

Connect to that resource called the quantum field and create from the field instead of from matter.

Looking Beyond the Evidence of Your Senses

To many people the unknown is a scary place so they don’t see that future because they’re used to seeing that future with evidence with their senses and you have to be able to get beyond that and stay in the unknown, stay in that discomfort, and then in that moment to begin to self-regulate. Like, “oh, I’m starting to feel a little anxiety. Ooh, I’m starting to feel a little frustration. That’s the defining moment where your body’s going back to the past because emotions are a record of the past. So you catch yourself it’s a victory and if you keep catching yourself, those victories add up, and it’s not so much about your wealth or your health or your freedom or your new relationship; it’s actually about who you become. 

And so overcoming the old self allows us to become somebody else. And there is that period of transition. I call it the void, where there’s just not a lot happening and you’ve just got to be able to keep going and continuously get to the end of your belief where most people stop.

Thousands of years of programming that says that we have to change things – matter to matter, you know, in three-dimensional reality. And it will take time, but begin to connect to that resource called the quantum field and create from the field instead of from matter.

Making Notes

There’s a lot of unlearning that has to go on absolutely and when you’re catching yourself. What are you doing? Are you writing that down? Are you noting that down? Are you making a mental note? Once you catch it, how do you deal with that emotion and anxiety in the moment that feels so heavy, that feels so real, real and trapping.

Anxiety feels so real. What do you do after catching it? What happens to that emotion? You know just like anything else, just like in golf, you get back into a bad habit again. You have to really begin to mentally rehearse. So you ask yourself at the end of your day – I do this every day, “How’d I do? How’d I do today Bro?” How’d you do? Did you do good.” What was it that caused you to go unconscious for the rest of the day? What was that moment?

Now if you’re a student of life you’ll begin to contemplate. Well it was that person that said that thing. Then I reacted.  Or I got this email, or things didn’t go my way and I started feeling angry or frustrated or fearful. The next time that happens, how could I evolve my experience now?

image of a yellow road sign against a blue sky that says "bright future ahead."

Creating a Map to the Future

You may have to search for some answers of the best model to build. Or you may actually have a long contemplation and start to go to God the next time that happens. I think i’m going to do this, or i’m going to do that, or I’m going to plan my behaviors. And the act of closing your eyes and rehearsing what you’re going to do begins to install the neurological hardware in your brain to look like you already did it.

Now the brain is no longer a record of the past now it’s a map to the future. And if you keep installing that hardware, the hardware will become a software program which means you’ll just start acting like a happy person. 

There’s no magic there. You install the circuitry. That’s more important than the news right? It’s more important than answering any email or any text. It’s more important than talking about your past or some dinner. If you can begin to just think about how you’re going to do it differently, that’s the building process neurologically. 

The Power to Choose

So now you have to get conscious in order to do that and it takes some time it means you’ve got to shut your cell phone off. You’ve got to close your door. You’ve got to take a break from everything out there and begin to practice. Then, with experience, you start noticing, “Oh here it comes. Here comes the frustration. Here comes the fear.

We’ve given people the tools to be able to self-regulate, to create brain and heart coherence and so you see people say, “Excuse me one minute, I’m just gonna need a minute. It takes some breaths, they get back in, they connect to the energy of their future. This is incidental compared to where they’re going. So they don’t fall from grace. They don’t allow their energy to drop.

So yeah, in the beginning it takes a lot because it takes a lot of energy and  awareness to stay conscious and not go unconscious. But if you’re persistent and you’re determined and you’re sincere, you begin to figure it out. You begin to say I am not going to give my power away to that person or that circumstance when i can use it to heal or to create a new future. 

image of hands opening a box and releasing light energy representing the personal transformation that is the greatest gift from doing the work.

The Gift of Discomfort

Then people won’t excuse themselves and say on a hard day, I had a fight with my co-worker, or my ex, and I don’t feel like doing the work. That’s the time to get back on the horse. Because it’s all of those times that we self-correct, those are the most valuable moments to us. 

People who’ve had profoundly transcendental experiences where they we say got lit up – they connected and their brain goes into very, very high coherent states and super gamma patterns that are way outside of normal and they have a transcendental download or connection that’s mystical; they look back at their entire life. They don’t want to change one thing in their past because it got them to that moment, That’s the moment the past no longer exists.

Now by the same means they look back at their past and they see all those tough moments where they overcame themselves and they fall in love with that person. They don’t look at the good meditations or the things that went well, they know that it was those moments that got them to this moment. And that’s when they begin to understand that all of the hard work, all the effort on who we become, no one can take that away from us. 

And More…

So then, once we arrive at that level and we experience whatever the dream is or whatever we create the next thing is do it until you fully enjoy it. And then when it gets boring or predictable let’s go again. Let’s do something else. And that’s evolution.

(In DreamBuilding we call it “living on our green growing edge.”)

There are so many golden nuggets in this interview! Watch the whole video and get super inspired.

Joe mentions the saying that “when the pain of staying the same outweighs the pain of change then we will change.”

My goal is to help people achieve their dreams without having to experience extreme pain first.

The process of “rewiring your brain” and achieving your dreams can be an adventure and it can be fun. As Joe so eloquently said, “The act of creation should be a blissful, playful, ecstatic, loose, free process.” Join me in the Dream Big And Bloom Academy and I’ll show you how!

Much love,


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