#25 Taking Time and Money Freedom to the Next Level

Manifesting financial abundance in general, is a dream for many, if not most, women over 60; and the current state of the economy may be causing stress. But no worries…the DreamBuilder Program is a proven, reliable system for overcoming any challenge and achieving any dream, no matter how big it may seem and today I’m going to share the principles and practices for living “happy, rich and free.” … More #25 Taking Time and Money Freedom to the Next Level

My Day Flows With Ease & Joy

There is only One Power, God, Divine Love, All-Providing, All-Knowing and everywhere present. I am an expression of Divine Love in the world. I shine my love and light through my work and my personal interactions. I am patient and kind.  I do all that I can and I release the rest. I respect others’ … More My Day Flows With Ease & Joy

If You Could Not Fail…

For indeed, beloved friends if you truly accepted yourself as Christ, you would know that you could not fail.  And if you could not fail, what would you do with your time?  If you knew you could not possibly fail, that the universe will support you completely at all times, as you choose only to … More If You Could Not Fail…

Prayer of Gratitude for Prosperity

There is One Power, Divine Love, Source, God.  This power created me in its image and likeness.  I’m vested with all the love, power, and wisdom of the Mind of God in me. I am a mighty creator of good in the world.  I shine God’s love and light through me, as me.  I create … More Prayer of Gratitude for Prosperity

Affirmative Prayer for Prosperity

There is only one power, God, Divine Love, Light, Life, Beauty Joy, Power, Peace.  Creator of Good and only good–the Life Force expressing in me, through me and around me.  I am one with it.  I am a magnificent expression of God’s Love, Light, Life, Beauty, Joy, Power and Peace. The Love of God expresses as me.  My … More Affirmative Prayer for Prosperity

The Universe is Conspiring to Awaken and Heal You

One of my favorite sources of inspiration and truth is The Way of Mastery by Jon Marc Hammer.  His work is similar to A Course in Miracles, but; to me, it is simpler, lighter and more enjoyable.  As I was planning my day with Spirit this morning, I was led to some notes I had … More The Universe is Conspiring to Awaken and Heal You

Nothing Binds You

Recently, I was privileged to see Marianne Williamson speak at The Center for Spiritual Living in Palm Desert.  I am re-reading her inspiring and practical book, The Law of Divine Compensation.  Here is an excerpt that reminds us that we can change our experience for the better in any moment.  Enjoy! Today’s reality is simply … More Nothing Binds You