#57 Business Coaching with Doris Lance

If you are running a business, thinking about starting a business, or longing to have just a little supplemental income, you’re going to find this episode of the Dream Big And Bloom Podcast very interesting. Doris has a passion for helping older adults get active and healthy and we discuss ways she can accomplish that, including creating an online course. … More #57 Business Coaching with Doris Lance

#54 When Your Identity Shifts

I was inspired to share this interview with Anthony Trucks because his story illustrates three important principles we use in the DreamBuilder Program. #1 Your history does not determine your destiny, #2 Your personal transformation — who you become during the process of achieving your dreams, what he calls “your identity shift” is the greatest reward and #3 God (A Higher Power) supports us on our journey when we pay attention and are willing to change. … More #54 When Your Identity Shifts