Hope is Indeed Justified

There are so many ways that universal truth is expressed and today’s lesson from A Course in Miracles states it beautifully. From Lesson 165 “Practice today in hope. For hope indeed is justified. Your doubts are meaningless, for God is certain. And the Thought of Him is never absent. Sureness must abide within you who are host to Him.” So I invite you to stay … Continue reading Hope is Indeed Justified

The joy of hearing The Voice for Love while Christmas shopping

An Affirmative Prayer ACIM Lesson 347

An Affirmative Prayer based on the ACIM Workbook Lesson 347 Insights When I took the training to become a Science of Mind Affirmative Licensed Practitioner, I learned how to write powerful affirmative prayers and I like to kind of re-write a strictly Positive/ Affirmative version of the Insights on A Course in Miracles provided by Pathways of Light on their website. © 2003, Pathways of Light. http://pathwaysoflight.org/. Continue reading An Affirmative Prayer ACIM Lesson 347