#6 What is a Spiritual Mind Treatment?

A Spiritual Mind Treatment for living a life I love today A “Spiritual Mind Treatment” is a form of prayer that connects us with universal spiritual principles and trains our minds into ways of thinking that create the magnificent lives we were designed to live. It treats the mind for any unhealthy thinking like a … More #6 What is a Spiritual Mind Treatment?

Getting In Sync With “The Voice”

I do “spiritual mind treatment” to open my mind to The Truth.  When the mind is open, “God’s Voice” can be heard.  Prayers “ask” or “petition” and that is not necessary.  All is given.  It’s a matter of being able to receive.  The prayer is for the person praying to get “in sync” with God/ … More Getting In Sync With “The Voice”

Affirmative Prayer: Step 1

Affirmative prayer is a great tool for reminding yourself of the truth of who you are, and the magnificent life that is your birthright.  It also enables you to manifest your heart’s desires.  It’s one of my personal practices and I do the five steps for others as a Religious Science Affirmative Prayer Practitioner (RScP) … More Affirmative Prayer: Step 1