Image of a hand holding up a crystal ball

The Power of Decision

YOU MUST MAKE A FIRM DECISION FOR WHAT YOU WANT BEFORE YOU CAN TURN YOUR DREAM INTO REALITY, even in the absence of perfect conditions. Because, once you make a firm decision, a whole range of things will rush to your aid for the fulfillment of that decision. Continue reading The Power of Decision

Image of the sun bursting through the clouds representing the power of vision

The Power of Vision!

The DreamBuilder Program that I teach is a system you can use to overcome any challenge and reach any goal, no matter how big it seems and it’s way more fun and more effective than new year’s resolutions Continue reading The Power of Vision!

Happy (Almost) New You?

If you are discouraged about making new year’s resolutions, here’s a powerful tool that will make it fun and set you up for a very happy new year..  Continue reading Happy (Almost) New You?

Image of The Fast Start Guide to Creating the life of your drams

The Key to Creating The Life of Your Dreams

Use the powerful tools in the new Fast Start Guide to create real transformation in your life and prove to yourself that you can achieve your dreams. Continue reading The Key to Creating The Life of Your Dreams

#50 Everything You Need to Succeed

In order for you to transform your life, you need to use the tools and build your belief. Here’s a review of all the tools you have available to you on the podcast and blog right now Continue reading #50 Everything You Need to Succeed