Keep A True Lent

This year, I’m making a study of the Bible.  I started a study plan to read it through once in 90 days with the intention of going into more depth after I had completed the  overview.  However, I was finding it unfulfilling.   I decided to look at it from a metaphysical perspective through the … More Keep A True Lent

Happy New Year!

My adaptation of an inspiration from two wonderful spiritual teachers. I adapted it for myself to use as my thought for the New Year.  Enjoy! “This past year, we have done good and given love. We have accomplished, created, and enjoyed things. Now is the time to find every ounce of good, and praise it … More Happy New Year!

Coming From Your Heart Vs Your Emotions

Such an important distinction expressed here…”Coming from your heart always feels expansive, never constricted. It seems like it’s moving toward love, never away from it. It’s about being open to life and not shutting down or closing off.” Life is supposed to be good. It takes faith and focus to stay grounded in the truth. … More Coming From Your Heart Vs Your Emotions