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Personality Types Improve Relationships

Understanding personality types can help you release unrealistic expectations, communicate more effectively, improve your relationship with yourself and others, and find new, compatible relationships. Continue reading Personality Types Improve Relationships

#57 Business Coaching with Doris Lance

If you are running a business, thinking about starting a business, or longing to have just a little supplemental income, you’re going to find this episode of the Dream Big And Bloom Podcast very interesting. Doris has a passion for helping older adults get active and healthy and we discuss ways she can accomplish that, including creating an online course. Continue reading #57 Business Coaching with Doris Lance

#50 Everything You Need to Succeed

In order for you to transform your life, you need to use the tools and build your belief. Here’s a review of all the tools you have available to you on the podcast and blog right now Continue reading #50 Everything You Need to Succeed

Prayer of Gratitude for Prosperity

There is One Power, Divine Love, Source, God.  This power created me in its image and likeness.  I’m vested with all the love, power, and wisdom of the Mind of God in me. I am a mighty creator of good in the world.  I shine God’s love and light through me, as me.  I create heaven on earth as an emissary of Divine Love.  I … Continue reading Prayer of Gratitude for Prosperity

Working For More Than Pay

Another Gem from The Joyous Freedom Journal Working for More Than Pay Too many people work for a paycheck. Let your work be more than a place to earn a living. Allow it to be an opportunity to make a life. This approach keeps you in tune with your life energy, allowing your creative expression to be satisfied. It calls you to bring forth your … Continue reading Working For More Than Pay