#54 When Your Identity Shifts

I was inspired to share this interview with Anthony Trucks because his story illustrates three important principles we use in the DreamBuilder Program. #1 Your history does not determine your destiny, #2 Your personal transformation — who you become during the process of achieving your dreams, what he calls “your identity shift” is the greatest reward and #3 God (A Higher Power) supports us on our journey when we pay attention and are willing to change. … More #54 When Your Identity Shifts

#52 My Broken Van Window Miracles

A personal story full of little miracles and synchronicities that will show you how you can use some powerful DreamBuilder practices to have more peace and joy in your life, in spite of any circumstances, situation, or conditions. In addition to achieving our dreams, we live with more peace and joy in every moment of the day. … More #52 My Broken Van Window Miracles