My Adventure in The Desert

Are you longing to do something adventurous but inhibited because it seems like there are too many things to figure out?  I encourage you to go for it. You may be surprised at how smoothly it goes when you use the DreamBuilder practices. You may be amazed at how your intuition and your sense of empowerment expands! … More My Adventure in The Desert

Ask And You Shall Receive

In a conversation with My Honey yesterday, he reframed something I was saying and reminded me that, rather than having prosperity so you can get what you want, you say what you want and what you need to get it shows up.  I believe in “ask and you shall receive.”  But do I really? I decided … More Ask And You Shall Receive

You Are The Most Powerful Force In The Universe

I love this analogy: “Focused intention is the most powerful force in the Universe! It’s like taking the spray nozzle on the garden hose and changing it from a light gentle misty rain that sort of goes everywhere to a powerful, intense stream of water that can peel the paint off your house or clean … More You Are The Most Powerful Force In The Universe

Affirmative Prayer: Step 1

Affirmative prayer is a great tool for reminding yourself of the truth of who you are, and the magnificent life that is your birthright.  It also enables you to manifest your heart’s desires.  It’s one of my personal practices and I do the five steps for others as a Religious Science Affirmative Prayer Practitioner (RScP) … More Affirmative Prayer: Step 1

Prayer of Gratitude for Prosperity

There is One Power, Divine Love, Source, God.  This power created me in its image and likeness.  I’m vested with all the love, power, and wisdom of the Mind of God in me. I am a mighty creator of good in the world.  I shine God’s love and light through me, as me.  I create … More Prayer of Gratitude for Prosperity

Affirmative Prayer for Prosperity

There is only one power, God, Divine Love, Light, Life, Beauty Joy, Power, Peace.  Creator of Good and only good–the Life Force expressing in me, through me and around me.  I am one with it.  I am a magnificent expression of God’s Love, Light, Life, Beauty, Joy, Power and Peace. The Love of God expresses as me.  My … More Affirmative Prayer for Prosperity

Seek and You Will Find…Happiness!

I loved this…from Words Can Change Your Brain by Mark Waldman and and Andrew Newberg, MD. The term “neurological happiness” is so scientific! LOL It’s very exciting for me to see Science reaffirm what Ernest Holmes, founder of Science of Mind, figured out years ago. Gradually the rest of the world is “getting it” and … More Seek and You Will Find…Happiness!

My First Official Demonstration!

I just experienced my first demonstration as an Intern Affirmative Prayer Practitioner! The case was a lost cell phone at a graduation ceremony in Houston Texas. The owner had walked everywhere, checked the lost and found, called the phone repeatedly with no results. The GPS tracking had apparently been deactivated too. After several hours, she … More My First Official Demonstration!