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Brave Thinking is the title of an inspiring new book by Mary Morrissey, creator of the DreamBuilder Program that I teach.

Taking charge of your thinking puts you in the driver’s seat of your life and is the key to overcoming all your challenges and achieving your goals.

In Mary’s new book, Brave Thinking, The Art and Science of Creating a Life You Love, you’ll learn how to create a vivid vision for your ideal life and how to use the powerful exercises and simple tools that will propel you forward. 

“Our Thinking, Not Our Circumstances, Holds Us Back”

As Mary says, 

“Most of us don’t live a life we love because we focus on perceived limitations: lack of time, limited assets, minimal talents. but our thinking, not our circumstances, holds us back. 

We are more than mere pawns being moved around on the giant chessboard of life. We Are Spiritual Beings constantly interacting with the energy around us. In this book you will learn how to harness that energy – what some may call God or Spirit and what I most often name the Infinite – to create big, bold, and exciting changes, first behind your eyes, in the realm of your mind, and then right in front of you.

A Vision, A Shift in Belief and Daily Practices

To change your life, you need a vision, a shift in belief, and a set of practices you can repeat every day.

Mary’s book includes everything in the DreamBuilder Program PLUS additional inspiring stories about her amazing life and the lives of some of her coaching clients who were empowered to overcome obstacles and create lives they love.

Amazing Stories That Will Inspire You To Take Action

Brave Thinking, the Art and Science of Creating a Life You Love has everything you need in order to successfully harness your mind and manifest your dreams. And it will inspire you to take action. You’ll love it!

Get Quick Results

Information without action is merely entertainment. Having a personal coach, keeps you inspired and motivated and provides the accountability that ensures success. Learn more about coaching with Mardi here

Here’s to using “Brave Thinking” to create a life you absolutely love!

Believing in you and your dreams,


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