a teacher with a big binder pointing her finger at us. Represents someone telling us we "should"

Are You “Should-ing” on Yourself?

Do you ever hear yourself saying, “I should be happy?” Perhaps you have set up your life the way you want, but on some level, you’re still not happy? Or perhaps you haven’t made any changes because you believe you “should be happy” with the status quo? Well here’s what’s going on and how to fix it so you can be happy and free. “Should” … Continue reading Are You “Should-ing” on Yourself?

The Key to Feeling Free

The Key to feeling free is recognizing that there is a power within you greater than any circumstance, situation or condition. There are many names for this power within you. You can call it whatever you like – Intuition, your Higher Power, the Law of Attraction, the Voice for Love, etc.) Your connection with this Higher Power is the key to manifesting everything you want … Continue reading The Key to Feeling Free