Being at Peace with Who You Are

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How are you feeling? Are you longing for more peace and a sense of well-being?

Your sense of well-being is the result of being at peace with who you are. You are a creation of the Divine, uniquely gifted to shine your light in the world.

Are you at peace with who you are?

At this stage of our lives, many of us have reached a certain level of self-acceptance. In fact, for me, that is one of the best aspects of getting older. We have a unique perspective – a view of the broader picture of life and our place in it.

On the other hand, there are women who have regrets or feelings of guilt that can prevent them from being at peace with themselves. If this is you, you will benefit from learning some forgiveness and releasing practices.

In either case, it is a choice. Being at peace is the result of the thoughts we are thinking and we can always choose a better feeling thought. Sometimes it takes a little coaching and encouragement from someone who can see the truth about you when you can’t.

Do you know the ways you are uniquely gifted to share your light in the world?

Some of us are very clear about our gifts, after having lived so many years and having done so many things and we are passionate about sharing as much as we can in the precious time we have left.

Some of us have been aware of our special gifts from an early age but were convinced to “hide our light under a bushel” and live our lives according to other people’s expectations.

For some of us, the whole concept of being created with special gifts to shine in the world is a totally foreign concept, but very appealing.

I think it’s safe to say that all of us long to have a sense of well-being.

We may have been seeking well-being from outside ourselves — from our accomplishments, the opinions of others, or material possessions. All of these things are nice to have but they cannot provide a true sense of well-being or match the sense of fulfillment that comes from sharing our unique gifts in the world.

I hope you are enjoying a sense of well-being, sharing your unique gifts and shining your light in the world. That is the true path to fulfillment.

If not, I want you to know that the DreamBuilder Program is a proven, reliable system for getting there. Teaching and coaching is the way I share my unique gifts and shine my light in the world and I’m here to serve you.

Looking forward seeing your comments and questions below…

Much love to you, ❤️


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