Beach Cruiser Joy

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A Mature woman experiencing beach cruiser joy as she rides in beautiful desert scenery and throws her feet up.

Beach Cruiser Joy…A soft breeze on my face
The sweet smells in the air
Feeling young and free, on an exciting adventure to see new places…and to see old place in a new way
Appreciating the beautiful bodies of the joggers that share the side walks
The sweet tinkling ring of my bike bell as I pass pedestrians and say, “Hi!  Isn’t it a beautiful day!”
The smile on people’s faces because you prompted happy thoughts in their minds.
I imagine that the commuters in their cars are wishing they were with me
Their day will go better now because their Spirits have been lifted
Perhaps they will be joining in the fun soon
And yes, the healthy physical fitness….but it doesn’t feel like a “workout.”
It just happens effortlessly while I am on my adventure.
I leave for work a bit earlier, get home a bit later
But, now, no need to suit up to do something more.
It’s all done in the course of the day.  I feel fit and free.
And what a day!
The Law of Attraction in action.
My joy attracted more joy
My peace attracted more peace
My love attracted more love
And abundance rushes in.
Who knew?  So many surprising benefits!  Such a big return on a small investment at Wal-Mart!
Such priceless gifts in the beauty of nature and the goodness people
Such gratitude to my Creator
Life is so-o-o-o good with my new Beach Cruiser

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