Be Flexible

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More Great Reminders from Rev Christian and Rev. Petra  What a great way to live!

May 29  Surprises of Enchantment

Planning a day or having a goal are good ways to make sure your precious energy is not lost or wasted. Having an idea about where you are headed is always helpful. Yet, you still want to be flexible enough to be able to embrace the unexpected gifts along the path. Spirit will continue to offer surprises of enchantment, but do you make space for them?

When life throws unexpected changes at you, are you able to trust yourself enough to improvise and go with the flow? When you are connected with the Source, instead of your fears, control gives way to the gifts of spontaneous co-creation for greater Good. Can you make plans and still remain unattached enough to change as life offers you new perspectives on the path? You can’t even begin to see all the Good coming your direction. Get out and get going, so the Greater Good can happen to you!

Where in your life could you use more flexibility?

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