Astonishing Facts About Inflammation

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I came across an article by Harvard University stating that inflammation is believed to be the cause of a whole host of common ailments and that three out of five people around the world die from a disease linked to inflammation.

I was shocked at how many common health issues are now believed to be the result of inflammation! I thought, “Wow, does everyone know this?  Three out of five people are suffering needlessly and shortening their precious lives!  It’s heartbreaking!

At the same time, I was so happy to learn that inflammation can be prevented with basic lifestyle practices. No high tech, leading edge, expensive medical treatments required! LOL

As you may know, I’m pretty passionate about the importance of taking care of our bodies with exercise, fresh air, adequate rest, eating natural, unprocessed foods, and following it’s signals for choosing what to eat and how much to eat. This information from Harvard validates the importance of living this way. (More blog posts on health are here)

I’ve been an avid student of health my whole life and I was a fitness instructor for many years so I know that these practices work. I’m not perfect and haven’t always done what I knew I should do, but fortunately the body is very resilient and forgiving when we get back on track. I’m grateful to be in excellent health and medication free at the age of 76. 

Harvard University has published a 58 page report explaining inflammation and what to do about it. It can be purchased for $20. There are a lot of copyright warnings on the report so rather than give you a synopsis, I’m going to share from the sales page for the report

It explains “highly effective ways to ways to tame inflammation and help:

  • Treat asthma and allergies
  • Treat autoimmune diseases—IBD, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, and psoriasis
  • Protect your heart
  • Protect your brain from dementia, depression & stroke
  • Combat inflammation in metabolic diseases
  • Fight against cancer”

Isn’t that an amazing number of conditions affected by inflammation!!!

And it has a section on lifestyle practices to combat chronic inflammation which is a “silent” killer.

#1 “Eating Right” can eliminate inflammation. Isn’t that great news! And they warn that many “anti-inflammatory diets” are not grounded in science. They list the three best diet choices and some essential food “do’s and don’ts” to help suppress inflammation levels. (Spoiler alert, eliminate processed foods and eat similar to the “mediterranean diet.) See their Harvard Quick Start Guide to an Anti Inflammation diet.

#2 is to “Get moving!” That isn’t new information. The government and most major health organizations urge us all to get at least two-and-a-half hours of aerobic activity plus two or three strength training sessions every week. but I didn’t realize that too much exercise can actually “provoke an inflammatory response.” And a study cited in the report showed that only 20 minutes had a positive effect.

#3 is to Manage Your Weight. The importance of managing our weight isn’t news either but I didn’t realize that fat cells produce pro-inflammatory chemicals. There are some “no-pain secrets to help reduce sugar in your diet.” I would love to know if you find those “surprising” and “no pain.” I believe it ultimately depends on the thoughts we choose to think. A lot of sugar addiction is due to a need to soothe uncomfortable emotions which are the result of our thoughts. The key to weight management is in managing the mind and that’s where the DreamBuilder Program shines.

#4: is to “Get Enough Sleep.” I knew that it is important for energy and productivity but I didn’t realize that lack of sleep elevates inflammation and that it is “especially hazardous to heart health.” 

And did you know that insufficient sleep causes your body to produce higher levels of hunger hormones and lower levels of satiety hormones that cause you to overeat and to crave refined carbohydrates?  I’ve known that for quite awhile and my experience has been that it’s absolutely true.

Inadequate sleep is a much more serious issue than most people realize. The report recommends “4 simple steps to help you get a healthier and more refreshing night’s sleep!

#5 is Do Not Smoke. No news here but there are methods to help people succeed even if they have tried to quit before without success. (I personally know people who have experienced success using hypnosis and another person who was finally successful using a program with medication).

#6 is to Limit Alcohol Use. That is not news either but it might be surprising to know that a little alcohol may be helpful and how much is over the line for keeping inflammation in check.

#7 is “Conquer Chronic Stress.” Chronic stress can spark the development of inflammation and cause flare-ups of problems like rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular disease, depression and inflammatory bowel disease.” The report mentions 10 ways of managing stress, including meditation. 

And, of course…“Whether you’re aiming to prevent cancer, heart disease, diabetes, dementia, or other conditions connected to chronic inflammation, the sooner you incorporate these seven steps into your life, the better!

So, as a DreamBuilder, your first step is to create a vivid vision of what your long, vibrant, healthy life would look like and then write it down. You might include things such as:

1. Living long enough to see grandchildren grow up, and not just observing the process, but being an active participant — to be able to play with them. (Since I’m almost 77 and my granddaughter is almost 3, I’m aiming to live to be 100 or older.)

 2. We don’t want to be a burden to our grown children or to live our last years with physical limitations and pain so we might include being in good health right up until we die.

3. We have goals we want to accomplish – items on a bucket list, or a legacy we want to build, so we will include those things as well.

Have fun with your visioning process! 

The second step is to take action — to take a baby step every day and live as if our vision is already accomplished.  We are going to eat healthy, exercise, manage our thinking and do our spiritual practice by taking baby steps every day and acting like the person who has those habits.

One action step might be to download a copy of the Harvard report or perhaps you will just start doing what you already know to do.

In many cases, when we have a health concern, we know what we need to do about it, but we don’t do it. That is often due to subconscious thought patterns — our paradigms. Whether we are aware of those paradigms or not, having a coach can make all the difference. As is often said, “you can’t see the picture when you are inside the frame” so it’s important to have another set of eyes on the situation.

If you are experiencing continual resistance to following through, you need the support and accountability of a coaching program. The first baby step is to book a complementary discovery call with me. We’ll get clarity on exactly where you are now, where you would love to be and the next best step you can take to move you forward. Here’s the link to set up the call.

I hope this has been helpful to you. Are you going to make lifestyle changes? I’d love to know what you think and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have. Post in the comments.

Here’s to living a long, healthy, life and realizing all our dreams before we die!



P.S. Caring for our amazing bodies is a great way to show our gratitude to our Creator for the gift of life. As we get older, we tend to value it even more don’t we? For the most part the body will heal most damage if given adequate support so it’s never too late to change our ways. Do whatever it takes. You deserve it!

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