Ask And You Shall Receive

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In a conversation with My Honey yesterday, he reframed something I was saying and reminded me that, rather than having prosperity so you can get what you want, you say what you want and what you need to get it shows up.  I believe in “ask and you shall receive.”  But do I really?

I decided to do a little research on the internet for information about this quote from Jesus at the Sermon on the Mount and found this wisdom on a Catholic forum.

‘Ask and you shall receive” is not the same thing as “ask and you shall get exactly what you ask for”. After all, as the famous song line goes “you can’t always get what you want … you get what you NEED”. And sometimes, let’s be honest, we’re too stupid either to know what we should be asking for – or how to take what we’re given and turn it to good.

Were WWI and WW2 bad? Sure, there was plenty of evil aspects to them. But we only have limited vision, we only see part of the picture.

Kind of like a little kid who goes to the doctor. They don’t understand the significance of the vaccinations the doctor is giving them, and the good that will result. They just know that they’re getting a big old needle that hurts a lot, they don’t know why. So of course they think doctors are horrible!

But when they’re just a little bit older and wiser, they learn that Mom and Dad were right when they did all those mean things like making you brush your teeth, eat your vegetables, do your homework. Even when they made you endure all those painful visits to the doctor, dentist, or hospital when you needed them.

This makes perfect sense to me.  I think it is unfortunate that so many people are praying for what they want without real understanding.  Even saying “this or something better” is more about getting that being guided to one’s highest good.

I think  many people are praying for what they want without  understanding this important distinction.  Even adding “this or something better” is more about getting that being guided to one’s highest good.

This is why most of my prayers are about being guided and directed by Divine Love/God and knowing that everything I need for my highest good is provided.

Here is my Affirmative Prayer for today”

There is only One Power, Divine Love, All-Providing.

I am one with the Presence and power of God.

My life flows with ease and grace.

Everything necessary for the boundless experience of joy and prosperity is mine now.

I am Divinely guided to my highest and best in every moment.

I follow God’s guidance with faith.

My life is effortless because I am on the right path.

I trust the process and enjoy every moment.

I am at peace.

With deep gratitude and joy, I release and relax into the realization of this truth, For so it is.

Have a peaceful, joy-filled day!

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