An Affirmative Prayer ACIM Lesson 347

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An Affirmative Prayer based on the ACIM Workbook Lesson 347 Insights

When I took the training to become a Science of Mind Affirmative Licensed Practitioner, I learned how to write powerful affirmative prayers and I like to kind of re-write a strictly Positive/ Affirmative version of the Insights on A Course in Miracles provided by Pathways of Light on their website. © 2003, Pathways of Light.  Sometimes I record it on my phone so I can play it back to myself like hypnosis or auto-suggestion.

Today’s lesson is #347 and here is my affirmative version…

I Listen today. I am very still and hear the gentle Voice for God assuring me that I am the Son He loves. This is the answer to everything. I become still and listen. I have an open mind and I hear the healing Voice of the Holy Spirit. My mind is open and I allow the peace of God. The Voice for God is there and I am awakened to the truth.

I allow a lot of time to be still and listen. Quieting my mind and listening is my highest priority and I receive the answers to everything.  I rest in God’s healing Light, God’s healing Love. I accept His love, grace, and guidance today.

The Holy Spirit knows the truth and shares His healing judgment.  He shows me the Light.  He shows me the Love that shines upon me.  The Holy Spirit is my loving Mentor in my mind, ready in every instant to guide me to a kind and gentle view of the world and of myself.

Following His kind direction, I walk a path of Light that leads me Home.  Here I find peace. Here is the experience of Love. Here I remember my unity with my Creator and I am at peace. It is so simple.  I choose peace.  I am quiet today and listen.  I bring peace to those I touch.  I am a blessing to others.

I am still and hear the Voice for God today.  I trust my Father’s will.  I listen today and He sings to me.  I experience the gift of freedom today.  

With deep gratitude and great joy, I surrender this day to the Holy Spirit.  And so it is.

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