The Amazing 95% Reality Check that Will Change Your Life

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The 95% reality check is a concept in one of my favorite books,  The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8 AM)” by Hal Elrod.

Hal shares some data from Social Security Administration that, if we were to follow 100 people at the start of their working careers until they reach retirement age (40 years), we would find that:

  • Only 1 out a hundred will retire wealthy
  • 4 will be financially secure
  • 5 will continue working, not because they want to but because they have to 
  • 36 will be dead (at the age of 62?!!!)
  • 54 will be broke and dependent on friends, family, relatives, and the government to take care of them. (That’s more than Half!)

That means that only 5% will be successful in creating a life of freedom! 95% will continue to struggle for their entire lives. 

An image of the number 95% in red to emphasize the shocking reality that 95% of people will struggle their whole lives, and settle for less than they would love.

The Amazing Reality Check

Can you believe that approximately 95% of the people in our society are settling for far less than they want out of life! They are wishing they had more, living with regret because they don’t realize that they can be, do, and have all that they desire. 

Does this surprise you as much as it did me? 

Not only was I shocked, but I felt so sad. I found myself wondering why? Do people not realize that they just need a plan or are they overwhelmed with the idea of creating a plan? Do they believe that they won’t follow through? Have they tried and failed for some reason? Maybe they just don’t have enough self-confidence and need mentoring. I wish I could fix this! This is the reason I’m so passionate about being a DreamBuilder Coach.

The immediate, crucial question though, is “What can WE do NOW to ensure that we don’t end up struggling, like the 95% majority?”

a retirement age woman sitting on the beach daydreaming and creating a vision of financial freedom and a long, vibrant, healthy life

Creating Your Vision for Financial Freedom

The first step is to have a plan. As we say in the DreamBuilder Program, “clarity is power.” As DreamBuilders, we start with a vision of what we would love our retirement life to look like. There is no one-size-fits all plan. Our heart knows what we would truly love — what’s in alignment with our core values. 

For example, I’m a minimalist. I like a simple life so my vision is to live in my RV or in a tiny house surrounded by the beauty of nature and be able to move to interesting locations. It really doesn’t doesn’t take much for me to feel “Happy, Rich and Free.” However, for someone else, the vision might look more elaborate, like “Lifestyles of The Rich And Famous.” It’s all good and it’s all doable.

We allow ourselves to Dream Big and not be limited by whether or not we know “the how” yet. We don’t settle for less than we desire.

Taking Baby Steps

A woman and a financial planner doing a reality check and discussing a plan to create financial freedom during her retirement years.

And then, after we have a vision statement for the life we would absolutely love and we’ve put it to the 5 Point Test, we start taking baby steps. In this case, one of the steps might be to meet with a financial planner or join Financial Peace University.

Choose an ENJOYABLE Plan for Vibrant Health And A Long Life

To avoid becoming a part of the 36% that die before retirement age and to have vibrant health and vitality so that we can  fully enjoy ourselves, we need a plan for eating healthy and exercising regularly. There are soooooo many ways to accomplish this. It’s a simple matter of choosing programs that you enjoy.

A Powerful Vision Creates Motivation

After you have a vivid  vision and clear plans, you will feel inspired and motivated to make the necessary changes in your habits and your thinking. It takes time and practice, but it’s sooooo worth it. 

How Are You Doing?

So how about you? Have you created your vision statement for your retirement years and a plan for creating financial security and vibrant health? Are you taking consistent action — baby steps every day?  

You really can beat these statistics and create a future you will love. There is a power within you greater than any circumstance or condition. And I’m here for you if you need help or have any questions.  Post in the comments.

Here’s to living a long, vibrant, healthy life with financial freedom! 

Much Love,


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