Aging Gracefully

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When you were a child, did you like to make up stories about the shapes of the clouds?  Have you ever done that with Saguaro cacti? I do.

Not only that, but, being the “deep thinker” that I am, I see so many metaphors for life. One of my favorite environments is the Sonoron desert of Arizona. I’m especially fascinated by the variety of the Saguaro cacti. The imagination can play and have so much fun with these endlessly unique natural sculptures. It’s like seeing images in the clouds when I was a child. 

Recently I was staying at the Escapees RV Park in Congress Arizona, has a lovely cactus garden. I was so impressed that someone had researched the age and named one of of them.  The sign said, “Her name is Sheba, circa 1870.”  I didn’t think about the the significance of the name “Sheba” until I re-watched the video. And I decided to do a little research.

The Queen of Sheba was a woman of immense wealth and power. She was renowned for her cleverness, intelligence, and wisdom, appearing in religious texts as a potential equal to Solomon, the 10th century BCE king of Israel, generally upheld as the wisest figure in Jewish history. 

And that really got me thinking about what a great analogy for life this is. This Sheba cactus has clearly been seriously injured at one time. (Haven’t we all! ) And look how tall she stands. like she is proud to have survived. And I thought about how that prominent scar defines her uniqueness among all the other Saguaros in the garden. And it’s the same with humans.

The damage didn’t kill her. She is looking fat and robust. Look at the new growth – the growth in her arms.

I apologize, Sheba, for calling you an “it.”. And I didn’t mean to say that you are “fat.” What I meant was that you and the members of your community all look so thick and robust. You are all looking so healthy and aging so beautifully. What wonderful role models you are for the retirement age humans that are living among you.

May we age as gracefully, as Sheba, embracing the “immense wealth and power” of our cleverness, intelligence, and wisdom.”

We have more power than Sheba. We have been given the power to Dream Big and Bloom into the life of our choosing. It’s such a gift. Let’s use it well!

What is your unique vision for aging gracefully? How are you still growing and sharing your “cleverness, intelligence and wisdom? 

I’m eager to know your story and your vision for your remaining years.

Join the conversation in the comments below.

It’s never too late to Dream Big and Bloom!




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2 thoughts on “Aging Gracefully

  1. That was a really inspiring blog and video. I loved the analogy to aging gracefully and the quote about Sheba, “embracing the immense wealth and power of our cleverness, intelligence and wisdom”. She’s even a home to the birds!

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