Affirmative Prayer: Focused on The Truth of Me

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There is only one power, God, Divine Love, Source, Spirit.  God is Love, Life, Light, Peace, Power, Beauty and Joy.  I am one with God.  Indeed, I am one of God.  A unique expression of God’s all-good into the world.  I am endowed with all the power, love and light of God and I use it to express my highest and best at all times.

In every moment, I am focused on the truth of who I really am.  I am powerful and positive.  I am clear and connected.  I know exactly what to do and to say, to manifest everything I need and desire for a magnificent, prosperous, happy life. 

I live in faith and joy and gratitude.  I have found the way to peace, prosperity and joy.  It is in me as the Mind of God in me.  My thoughts and words are always positive, for I am God and positive, loving and powerful is God in action as me. 

God knows only good, so I know only good.  I choose to see only good.  I create my experience by what I think about, talk about, and focus on.  So I choose to think about good, talk about good, and focus on good and only good. 

I now commit to this practice.  I focus only on my present moment awareness.  I monitor it in every moment and I feel The Presence in me, loving me and guiding me to my highest good.  There is only good for me. 

My life mirrors my consciousness and my life unfolds in miraculous ways now.  I am grounded in the present moment and my happy, positive present moments create happy, positive, prosperous future moments.  I demonstrate the All-good in my life.

With deep gratitude and joy for this realization and the Love and Law of God that makes my life so powerful, rich and fulfilling, I release my word to Law, knowing that it is the Truth. 

And so it is.  AMEN!

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