Affirmative Prayer on ACIM Lesson 358

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Love has only one purpose or desire.
And that is to extend Itself, to give Love.
That is what we really want.

Our Creator alone knows what we really want because He created us like Himself.
He gave us the Holy Spirit, so
the memory of what we really want stays with us.
I turn to the Voice for God within, Who leads me back to what I really want.

I really want Love and nothing else.
Love fills my heart with joy.
The Self that God created like Himself is recognized as everything.

Through forgiveness, letting go of illusions,
I return to my Identity as the Son of God.
Today with an open mind and heart
I receive His perception and
recognize my Self.
I thank my Father that He created me changeless like Himself and
gave me the means to remember Who I am.

I open my mind to healing insight.
I open my mind to the truth.
I am awakened to the truth that I remain as God created me.
In true humility, I step back and listen to It’s healing Voice.
I see all things as they really are and
My mind is healed today.

He continues to reveal Himself to me in all I do;
I am still.
And in this stillness, I am aware of His love, His promise.
I remember that myself is nothing, but my Self is all.

The realization of the Christ in all of us is born this season, along with our brother Jesus.
We recognize our true Selves and each other
in the Oneness of our Heavenly Father.

Adapted from © 2003, Pathways of Light.  Lesson 358 


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